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Stevens Point, WI

It's alright. - 3/5/2009
Stevens Point is a pretty good place to be. However there isn't much to do as we're located quite a ways from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, or Madison. So most of people's free time here is spent in bars. Overall the people are somewhat stand-offish. It's like that in most of our state, and it comes from the long German Heritage.

However, Stevens Point is a nice little community with affordable home prices, and quaint houses with good schools. Great if you're going to be raising a family.

New Berlin, WI

One of Wisconsin's Worst. - 3/5/2009
There are many problems with this place. I've lived here my whole life and have nothing very good to say :(

First, I'll name the good, close proximity to Milwaukee, good safety services.

Okay, now the bad. The people are some of the most rude you'll ever meet. Don't even dare trying to talk to someone that you don't know if your like in line at the grocery store, if you do you'll be flipped off, given dirty looks, or told where to go (4 letter word). The schools are the 2nd worst in Wisconsin. They have one of the largest school budgets in the state but they continue to cut educational services. There is nothing here for special needs children. There is very little to do within the town itself. As you can read on the site, most of the town is elderly, there is very little to do for young children. The town has 2 high schools, which is rather bizarre for the size of the town. The town is divided into a "rich" side and a "poor" side. The wealthier side of town looks down upon the other and refers to it as "white trash" most of the time. The town is also odd because it's not zoned like a normal city. It's arranged into neighborhoods centered around little separate "downtowns." There is nothing that really separates the town from anything else as it only has 3 things that aren't a major chain. 3 restaurants, and 1 of them was rated one of the dirtiest in Wisconsin. The traffic is terrible too, we're located between I-94 and I-43 so we get a TON of semi-trucks running through town.

The bottom line here is that unlike most of suburban Milwaukee, this is a retirement community. Most of the people are not receptive to meeting new people.

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