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"Illinois is cutting funding for schools"

Illinois is cutting funding for schools - 3/21/2010
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Fithian, IL

The Illinois state government is cutting funding for schools. They are not just cutting a small amount. The Oakwood township school system is being cut $800,000 this coming school year and this is causing a huge cut in programs and teachers.

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Oglesby, IL

Decisions decisions - 2/19/2014

Well there's not much to say about where I live. I dislike the state of Illinois its so corrupt. My husband and I are big outdoors folk. And here in this "wonderful" state we don't have much outdoors attractions/activities.[read more...]

Lisle, IL

Looking for a progressive leaning town in the Nort - 4/6/2013

Does any person have any referrals?[read more...]

Lockport, IL

The Land of Lincoln is the Titanic! - 3/13/2013

Get out! I am.[read more...]

East Saint Louis, IL

WHAT - 10/25/2012

ITS NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK....[read more...]

Peoria, IL

really? - 9/19/2012

nice[read more...]

Dundee, IL

treats its retirees well - 9/4/2012

Retired, long term resident who hates hot weather. Taxes are good here for retirees. No retirement income of any kind is subject to income tax. Sales tax on food/prescription meds 1 percent. Property taxes a bit high but state/local generous with exemptions for Seniors. Lots of stuff in lots of price ranges to do in the Chicago metro area where I live. Tuition free classes at community colleges.Politics are no worse at the local level than anywhere else. [read more...]

Joliet, IL

Tired of the struggle - 7/9/2012

I have been in Illinois for decades and both my husband and I are tired of the crooked politicians making money for themselves by cheating the people of the state. Our education system has gotten worse not better, the violence on every street city or suburb is out of control. We are looking at trying to leave the state as soon as possible.[read more...]

Tinley Park, IL

Ups and downs of Tinley Park, IL - 4/19/2012

Parts of Tinley are very nice. Real Estate - property taxes are high - Cook County. There are some good restaurants and good health clinics. They are free outdoor concerts and there is a sense of community. Good place to raise children -- good schools.[read more...]

Palatine, IL

Personal Income Taxes - 3/9/2012

The Personal Income Tax rate for the State of Illinois increased from 3% to 5% as of January 1, 2011. Sperling's Cost of Living figures for the state of Illinois are still calculated at the old 3% rate.[read more...]

Bloomington, IL

General Comments - Central IL - 2/26/2012

I live in a mid-sized Central Illinois city (near Normal, IL) and have been an Illinois resident for 20+ years. The roads here are in total disrepair and have been for many years, our taxes are sky high ($3,500+ for a 2,000 sq. ft. condo with no land), the weather is extremely windy most of the time (even more than in Chicago) and there is not a lot to do. The mall is laughable as is most of the other "shopping." The only thing I like about central Illinois is that I can drive about 2.5 to get to other cities to do things (shopping, cultural activities, concerts, etc.)[read more...]

Peoria, IL

Bad-winters - 9/23/2011

Looking for a place warmer winters and less humidity.[read more...]

Champaign, IL

Winters are long and harsh - 8/31/2011

As a transplanted southerner, living with snow, ice, wind and sub-zero temperatures is extremely difficult. It usually starts to get cold in October and doesn't get consistantly warm again until mid-May.[read more...]

Bourbonnais, IL

Looking to move - 5/16/2011

New to this. Family of 4 looking for better opportunities than here in Illinois.Looking for best place to start a new business and the best place to raise a family.[read more...]

Danville, IL

Response to comments about Danville Illinois - 3/3/2011

I grew up in Danville Illinois. Yes, the town has went down a whole lot but I think there are a number of factors that contributed to it. First of all, we could never get the HICK politicians to let buisnesses come in the town. I remember about 20 years ago a lot of businesses wanted to come in to Danville because it would be cost effective. Politicians and others fought it like a mad dog. For some reason in this country we always want to blame blacks or the poor for bad economic situations. Unfortunately, the rich run the country. USE YOUR HEAD. As long as you keep blaming the poor and blacks the rich can keep on doing what they want to do. When will blacks and poor whites learn that to get anywhere we are going to have to stick together. [read more...]

Freeport, IL

Living in Illinois - 3/1/2011

2011...Illinois has probably the worst budget deficit in the US. The majority of the towns and cities have higher property taxes than most also. The winters really aren't very enjoyable. So that leaves April thru October (6 months) for enjoyable living. Unless you live near a larger city, don't plan on many cultural events---it's pretty much agricultural.[read more...]

Schaumburg, IL

Cities - 2/1/2011

Chicago is a great city. I've lived here most of my life (34 years). Nevertheless, the taxes keep going up & up due to many inefficient politicians...[read more...]

Atlanta, GA

Relocating to Chicago from Atlanta - 1/3/2011

As a Single parent with children can anyone suggest a great place to live, less crime and good schools. Can you suggest any areas I may research for furnished or unfurnised homes or aprtments until I can gain more knowledge of the city itself? Thank you! [read more...]

Milford, IL

We all must follow the work!! - 9/28/2010

I live in a small town in central Illinois it's not a bad place to live if you are self employed or are able to work from home. We are about an hour and a half from everything and every where (Kankakee, Champaign, Bloomington, and Laffite Indiana). Housing is not cheap and their is not a lot of local business. So if you need to run to the store for something and you don't feel like a long ride it's going to coast you. the other bad thing is the weather in the fall and/or winter it's very cold, windy, snow, and ice yuk yuk yuk. On the bright side the people are friendly and the schools are great. Unfortunately people must work, a lot of people take the ride of a day but I just cant see 11to 13 hours a day and only getting paid for.[read more...]

Bridgeview, IL

cost of living - 8/13/2010

expensive in chicago[read more...]

Algonquin, IL

Corrupt - 8/2/2010

Chicago is the most corrupt city in the most corrupt state in the USA. I reside in the far northwest suburbs, so I don't have to deal with the taxes and high cost of living that the city folks have to endure. But even though I live outside Chicago, I still have to deal with the cost of living all of Illinois citizens are plagued with. I intend to retire elsewhere where a fixed income and pension are not subject to the tax happy politicians of Illinois. [read more...]

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