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Illinois, IL

Taxes and fees are killing me - 7/5/2021
I have lived in illinois my whole life (31years) and the ever increasing taxes and fees are killing me. Rent keeps on going up because of all the tax increases every year. The cost of living here consumes almost all the money I make in a year. had to give up eating out and going on a yearly vacations just to afford living here. The roads are in horrible shape despite the state doubling the gas tax and raising registration stickers to $150 a year. The winters here are cold and long and summers are hot and humid. Travel north and you end up on the tollways which just keep on getting more expensive year after year. All my friends moved to cheaper states and their yearly property taxes are as much or cheaper than 1 month of rent in illinois, I will never own a house here because of the high property taxes. Crime here is high and the police can't keep up with it. Illinois was once a affordable place to live but all the corrupt politicians keep stealing tax money and just keep increasing taxes so they just pocket more of it. Going to find a state I can afford before another tax increase makes me homeless.

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