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"Bad Allergies"

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Goodyear, AZ

Climate - 3/26/2010

The winters are good, hence the thousands of snowbirds. The summers, however, are brutal. For weeks during the summer, the temperatures rarely dip below 95, even at night.

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Goodyear, AZ

Bad Allergies - 6/5/2009

I've lived in Arizona (Phoenix and Goodyear) for the last 5 years. My allergies have gotten so bad throughout the past couple years of being here. My eyes are so red that people often think I'm high or crying! The dust really affects many people and unfortunately I'm one of the victims! As soon as I get to a more humid, less dusty area, my eyes clear up and are totally white! No amount of allergy medicine or eye drops have helped. I can even go to Southern California, where I was born and raised, and be perfectly allergy free, despite all the air pollution they have there. I have also been diagnosed with Valley Fever, a fungus that grows in your lungs from the dust and pollutants here. On top of the bad allergies, AZ is terribly hot and miserable. I don't care that it's a dry heat, hot is hot! And, to me, it's not worth the mild winters. There is also a lot of crime and graffiti here, even in our small community in Goodyear. I see graffiti even on new walls and buildings. I stopped watching the news because of all the horrible crime. Needless to say, I haven't been very happy here in AZ and am looking to relocate to a place with a better climate, and less crime.

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Lake Oswego, OR

You would like it here! - 4/11/2009

We've been here since 2006 and have seen huge growth and the economic and real estate downturn. We have lost $90k in the value of our house and work 30 miles away near Phoenix/Tempe - so the gas and commute is not great. But compared to many areas of the country, I still like it here alot. I can't imagine going back to the northwest where I came from and put up with the 8 to 9 months of cloudy weather and gloomy rain again. People are nice here and the weather is outstanding - especially the winters. Lots of parks and green spaces, plenty of outdoor things to do like hiking, motorcycles, golf, tennis, mountains 2 hours away, CA coast 5 hours away, etc. The cost of living is pretty good (you can get a real deal right now on a house - like $150k for a new 3bd house) and taxes and quality of living is great. If money was no object, there might be a few better places to live. But for average working folks with a family, I think this is definitely a great place to live.

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goodyear summer - 11/2/2008

The Summer is Hot, Hot, Hot!! this is my forth summer here and I just can't get use to how hot it gets and how long the summers last. I am originally from New york, NY and miss the seasons. I also miss the culture, and there is not much to do in Goodyear,az... unless you like to shop a lot.

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Goodyear, AZ

Goodyear - 11/15/2007

We moved here three years ago and our property values nearly doubled...nothing wrong with that. The desert is absolutely lovely and the nights are quiet and clear. Our road infrastructure is relatively new, however there is a bit of crowding in the morning commute towards Phoenix. As we are retired that does not affect us much and so we are in great shape... Golf courses are magnificent, we are a bit short in quality restaurants but Phoenix and Scottsdale are less than an hour away. The Cleveland Indians are bringing their spring training facilities to Goodyear and this year the Superbowl will be held in Glendale a mere half hour away. So Sports(primarily the Cactus League Play) are huge in our immediate neighborhood. Taxes are half of what they are in California, utilities are very reasonable (lots of nuclear out here), and the weather... we are convinced that every morning in winter about ten percent of the northeastern and midwest population wakes up and makes plans to move here. The weather IS the best. Crime has not been any more noticeable than the Bay Area or New York City (the places we hail from) there are always statistical crimes everywhere. You can find twice the house for half the cost of say, San Francisco or San Jose and here a 2500 sq foot house with ten foot ceilings is a pleasure to live in. The neighbors are very nice... most are people from your neighborhood...transplants! I rate Goodyear Arizona a TEN!

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nice community - 8/4/2007

Goodyear is a very nice community but it's growing fast. There is a lot to do here, lots of shopping, sports, and restaurants. My biggest concern is that it's growing very fast.

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Goodyear, AZ

Goodyear, AZ - 9/3/2006

Overall, Goodyear is an o.k. place to live. It is experiencing a lot of growth and is a solid middle class area.

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Goodyear, AZ

LOVE IT !!!! - 6/21/2006

My husband was transferred and has lived here for about (2) years. My son and I have been living here since August, 2005. We love it. It is warm, "It is a dry Heat". The winter's are Awesome. Our neighbors are great. Good, hard working people. The area has grown quite a bit since we moved to our home. There is a Super Walmart, (2) more banks, Walgreens. There are more business coming in, the buildings are not completed yet. There is alot to do only a few minutes away. Basketball and Baseball games, my favorite; Hockey Games. Golf. Lots of places to eat.The only disagreement we have is where and what to eat. :) We plan to stay for awhile and hope that our son will attend the University and be close to home.

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Goodyear, AZ

where i live - 4/19/2006

goodyear is pretty good place to live and isnt anything to much its perfect for the settling down type.

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Oscoda, MI

When is it to hot? - 4/5/2006

when your driving down the road and your tires are melting to the pavement.

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Goodyear, AZ

Out of Date - 6/23/2005

Actually there are several Starbuck's in Goodyear. Then the Population in January of 2004 was officially 38,800 and now 18 months later estivmated at almost 43,000. It has a hospital, resort communities, 5 hotels/motels, and one of the highest growth rates in the state.

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