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 Robyn Cunningham
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Star Rating 6/5/2009
I've lived in Arizona (Phoenix and Goodyear) for the last 5 years. My allergies have gotten so bad throughout the past couple years of being here. My eyes are so red that people often think I'm high or crying! The dust really affects many people and unfortunately I'm one of the victims! As soon as I get to a more humid, less dusty area, my eyes clear up and are totally white! No amount of allergy medicine or eye drops have helped. I can even go to Southern California, where I was born and raised, and be perfectly allergy free, despite all the air pollution they have there. I have also been diagnosed with Valley Fever, a fungus that grows in your lungs from the dust and pollutants here.

On top of the bad allergies, AZ is terribly hot and miserable. I don't care that it's a dry heat, hot is hot! And, to me, it's not worth the mild winters.

There is also a lot of crime and graffiti here, even in our small community in Goodyear. I see graffiti even on new walls and buildings. I stopped watching the news because of all the horrible crime.

Needless to say, I haven't been very happy here in AZ and am looking to relocate to a place with a better climate, and less crime.



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