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"Crime in Texas is Increasing"

Crime in Texas is Increasing - 2/25/2011
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College Station, TX

If you are considering relocating to Texas, you need to know about the rapidly rising crime rate. Crime is on the increase not only along the Texas/Mexico border and large cities throughout the state. Crime is increasing in rural areas as well. Thoroughly research the area of Texas you are considering relocating to. Better yet, choose a safer state and city to live in.

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Houston, TX

Relocating - 9/21/2014

Seeking information on the best zip codes to live and work in.

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Santa Rosa, TX

Texas, a great place to grow business - 9/3/2014

Texas is a growing and bustling place to do business!

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Bellaire, TX

TX is great in many ways but one is there’s no sta - 3/11/2014

TX is great in many ways but one is there’s no state income tax!

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Katy, TX

Texas - 3/5/2014

Great housing costs down here.

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Paramus, NJ


I am researching the usa for a place to relocate with my 24 year old daughter who still resides with me. I prefer an area with little humidity.

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Manassas, VA

first time home buyer - 11/11/2013

first time home buyer - looking to move from va to possibly Houston tx with a budget of 180000

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Lilburn, GA

Relocating to Texas - 9/16/2013

I am an African American single mother planning to relocate to the great state of TX in June 2013. I am trying to research the safest, kid-friendly and family oriented places here. I am a professional in the accounting/finance industry looking for a change from the hustle and bustle of Georgia. I would love information on rental properties and jobs as well.ANY advise or information is welcome.

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Whitesboro, TX

A beautiful Place (sunsets,sunrises, some parts ju - 9/6/2013

I am a born and raised Texan and yes it gets pretty darn hot but that could change in just a few hours or even 1 hour. You never know what to expect with Texas weather.We have absolutely gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Our cost of living isn't bad and we have an amzing fall and spring most of the time and on occassion dependin where in Texas you live you see snow in the winter.

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Keller, TX

I hate living in Texas - 4/18/2013

I have been here 17 years now and I'm sure my life has been shortened because of it. It is way too hot for man or beast. It is oppressive to say the least. Dry and brown. Cannot wait to leave this god forsaken state.

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North Richland Hills, TX

Empowered Mission - 1/25/2013

Empowered mission is led by Travis Methany, a church consultant and mission consultant specializing in church leadership, church vision, church consulting and church leadership training.

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West des Moines, IA

looking to relocate to florida - 11/17/2012

Am in the health industry and am looking to relocate to florida

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Denton, TX

Finding a place to call home - 11/9/2012

Texas has many positive reasons for people to relocate here. However, I am ready to move to a more beautiful landscape, rolling hills, an area with four seasons, excellent transportation system (no cars necessary to get around the town or city), and affordable living and safe area to walk, run, and have fun. I am seriously looking to move to Atlanta or northern west coast area. Maybe Kentucky. I am interested in cities with populations of over 50,000, diverse group of people, plenty of things to do outdoors and inside, etc. Hopefully I can narrow down my selection of where to move to.

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Trenton, NJ

RELOCATE TO TEXAS?? Good Idea or Not - 10/24/2012

I currently live in New Jersey with my 3 children and husband. My husband and I are looking to relocate. I work in healthcare so there wont be any problem with me finding a job. My husband, however, is a different story. I'd like to get feedback from people that actually live in Texas about the job growth. Is there really jobs out there? And I dont mean mcdonalds. He managed the Washington Nationals Stadium environmental crew so something along those line...Warehouse, ect. Also want to know how the schools are. I know nothing about Texas so I dont even know what city we should be looking into. Id like to live near a large city but not in it. What cities do you recommend and why?

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Dublin, TX

Texas is not for the "entitled" - 9/12/2012

there are jobs here in Texas, you just have to get off your "entitled" butt and go after them.

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Garland, TX

A poor choice - 9/6/2012

I have lived in Texas for the past 25years. A lot of people here believe that Texas is the greatest place to live. What fools! 99%of Texas isn't even pretty country. 1% is gorgeous the rest is miserable. It's too hot in the summer and not nearly cold enough in the winter and most of the people are rude. It may have been great once but that was long ago. There are a lot nicer places to live. My greatest wish is when I retire to be singing 'Happiness is Texas in My Rear View Mirror'! This place sucks rice paddy water.

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Waxahachie, TX

texas - 9/5/2012

Hot weather and creepy people..

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Honey Grove, TX

East Texas - 9/2/2012

I have lived in the mid-west, northwest, northeast and Gulf Coast sections of the United States and have travelled extensively. I have resided in Texas for the past 40 years, and for the most part it's been a great experience. Recently I retired to the northeast part of Texas, an area in which I had very little exposure. My mistake. The populace is remarkably clanish and pride themselves on how many family generations have lived in the same area. For that reason, I believe the gene pool has become so narrow that it's just about dry. Come to Texas, enjoy all it has to offer, but somewhere other than northeast Texas. Do a little background work and concentrate on avgs. for education, growth, income, jobs (particularly govt.), crime, and welfare recipients. You'll be amazed.

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Rockwall, TX

Hot Summers - 8/13/2012

If you like the hot weather and long summers, then you would love Texas. I grew up here in Dallas, TX. Some days it catches me by surprise and I am really enjoying the hot weather. It is really very nice at night if you happen to be somewhere with a breeze after the sun goes down. It makes a double edge sword when it comes to outdoor activities. When there is water involved, it can be very nice but also stifling at the same time. If water is not involved, it can be plain miserable.

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Dickinson, TX

Pine Drive not so Christian School, Dickinson TX - 8/13/2012

Do not believe any of the ratings posted recently. They are probably from the church pastor and not from satisfied parents. The school is in total chaos. The juniors and seniors from last year did not have the right classes and credits. Many of the juniors had to attend school this summer to get caught up. The curriculum is terrible and not up to date. The school’s athletic program is in shambles. The former headmaster was caught in unprofessional situations by students. She had to be one of the most unprofessional, uncaring, incompetent school administrators that have ever been in teaching. She has NO certificates in the state of Texas. DO NOT enroll there!!! Home school your child if needed.

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Albuquerque, NM

Houston - 8/11/2012

I found Houston to be Over Crowded, Low Wage Jobs,High crime, my Apartment got broke into with me and my 2 small children still there. The Police took along time to respond,it was A LOW iNCOME NEIGHBORHOOD.I got the impression that the Police Really Didnt Care About Us .

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