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"Nice place, if you can stand the paper mill smell."

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Panama City, FL

This was the worst mistake I've made - 6/12/2014

I moved here from Fort Myers, FL. The cost of living (utilities, food, amenities, and housing) are higher and the pay (on average) is lower. What happens then? This place becomes a black hole with no way out. You end up stuck because you can't save enough to leave. The schools suck (my daughter had NO HOMEWORK for the entire school year). I thought she was lying, but I checked and she wasn't. And the paper mill. I don't need the weather channel, I know when I smell that overwhelmingly sour warm garbage smell that it will rain within 24 - 48 hours. If you want a new start, and somewhere good for kids, DO NOT COME HERE! There's no diversity or activities... There's the beach, but you smell it before you see it and I wouldn't suggest making an attempt going there between the months of March and May because of Spring Break.

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Panama City, FL

climate - 3/9/2013

hot summers.mild springs,falls and winters.

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Youngstown, FL

Living here - 1/8/2013

I've lived in Panama City/Panama City Beach area since 1988, back in the day in my younger years this was a beautiful place to live and you could make it by with an ok job but over the years the place has changed so much and most of the attractions are gone and the jobs are really awful with low pay. The mentality around here is be greatful for any job now shut up and get to work.You get stuck in a job because there's not many other opportunities to choose from. After all these years and the sweat I've put into this area I am packing up and getting outta here, heading to Texas,the last hope of this great nation. Don't move here.

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Panama City, FL

economy - 3/11/2012

This is a different Florida. This area they call South Alabama or the Red Neck Riviera. Very kick back and a long beautiful beach.

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Burbank, CA

The redneck Riviera. - 1/1/2011

Panama City is an overrated trailer park. Jobs are low wage and hard to find. The draw down at Tyndall AFB has really hit the economy hard. Allot of boarded up buildings. Panama City Beach is nice but the construction boom ruined the view of the awesome beaches. New Airport is in the sticks and Paper mill makes it reek most of the year.

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Denver, CO

Horrible, horrible - 11/21/2010

The worst city I ever lived in. The people are friendly, but the education system stinks. The whole city reeks of the paper mill. There is absolutely nothing to do, so everyone hangs out at the Wal-Mart. There are no jobs. Did not meet one interesting person the whole time we were there. We were so happy to leave.

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Panama City, FL

weather - 9/10/2009

The weather is great. 8 months of perfect. 4 months of a little cool to a little hot. Never to wet, never to dry.

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Panama City, FL

Unemployment >5% - 9/19/2008

> 5% Unemployment with very low wages.

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Lynn Haven, FL

Lived here for two months, looking to move again s - 9/27/2006

The economy is as bad as the median education level. The cost of living is as high as some of the more cosmopolitan areas of FL, thus, the working poor are most affected and the beaches are being converted to an impenetrable chain of condos. I am a college educated woman working two table waiting jobs and am barely able to make a living wage. The weather is beautiful and so are the beaches, but stay upwind from the paper mill. 1 star out of 5.

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Panama City, FL

Panama city is home - 8/23/2006

Panama City is beautiful but is growing in leaps and bounds. Condos are blocking the view of the beaches. Except for summer when the temputure climbs and the humidity is ridiclous, the rest of the year is great. Pay scale is low for the most part. Cost of living is on the rise. Nice fairly small town but growing quickly.

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Panama City, FL

If you like... - 5/4/2006

humidity, then you'll love Panama City, FL. It's hot here most of the year with very hot summers and mild winters. However the humidity makes the cold seem even colder. There are a lot of nice things about this area, including a fairly low crime rate, however, there is very little to do unless you love the beach, the saltwater and small town type events. The housing costs are going through the roof. Even small junky places are very overpriced. The economy here is terrible. Probably one of the lowest paying places anywhere and that's comparing it to any city its size, statistically speaking. The problem is there is too much old money still running the political scene. I've lived in this area since 1980 and I believe it's time for a permanent change of scenery.

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Panama City, FL

HOT!!! - 4/19/2006

I recently moved down here from Maine and the temp difference is unbelievable

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Panama City, FL

Panama City nice but... - 4/16/2006

I have lived in Panama City for a year now and it is a beautiful area. PROBLEM IS... wages are too low for the cost of living. Houses are 250k plus for a modest 3/2.

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Albany, GA

Nice place, if you can stand the paper mill smell. - 12/12/2005

Panama City is a nice, quiet town that is quite different from its tourist-oriented Panama City Beach neighbor. Panama City is older and more established. Traffic is light compared to a big city. The biggest problem is the smell. PC has a paper mill right down on the water. When the wind is out of the north, the smell blows out over the water and everything is fine. But, if the wind is coming out of the south, which happens almost everytime we get rain off the gulf, the smell will knock you down. A good whiff can burn your sinuses and make your eyes water. Oddly enough, the people that work in the mill can't smell it. I guess it all goes up the smoke stacks. In spite of the odor, it doesn't appear to have any serious health risks. The statistics for breathing/lung problems are actually below or near the national averages. If you're looking for the big city, this ain't it. The biggest city within driving distance is Tallahassee, which is about 2 hours away, and Tallahassee isn't big. Jacksonville is the closest. It's about 4 to 5 hours away.

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Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach - 10/2/2005

We've live here in Panama City Beach for 5 years. I've been coming here all of my life. In the past 3 years the beach has changed so much and it's not good. High rise condos are taking over the entire beach. Driving down Front Beach Road is like driving through a construction site. Housing is way over priced. We will be so happy to get out of this hell hole.

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