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"A great place to raise kids"

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Russellville, AR

Politics of Hate - 3/3/2010

Don't move here if you are a free thinker, you'll only be welcome if your a fat , cigar chomping stooge of conservative , republican thinkology. Don't expect political dialogue either , they won't even tolerate any ideas unless they serve the rich boy idealogue, people have actually been asked to move away because of their beliefs. Top two things you need to know about Hasselville, rich californians and poor hispanics, they cater to both. They put the rip to callies on real estate and want the poor hispanics here to keep the wage scale down for all the chicken factories.

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Russellville, AR

Politics - 3/3/2010

Don't move here if your a free thinker, you will be labeled a liberal and the local hate mongers will attack, guaranteed.

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Russellville, AR

Cost of Living - 2/6/2010

This small city is fairly inexpensive to live in, but the variety of housing choices is limited. Great for a young family. The employment rate is low, with a variety of employment opportunities, from educational to industrial to retail.

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Russellville, AR

Arkansas Real Estate Training Academy - 2/18/2009

It is a great place to learn about Real Estate and how it relates to our community and lifestyle in this beautiful city of Russellville.

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Russellville, AR

A great place to raise kids - 2/28/2007

We have lived in Russellvile for 11 years now and love it. The cost of living is low, but so are the wages. Even with a college degree you'd make more money elsewhere. I work in Conway, 45 minutes away, and the drive is worth living in a small town environment. It is a great place to raise kids. The elementary and middle schools are great, high schools are good. The water and air qualities are both great. There are lots of recreational activities nearby: hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, and hiking to name a few. There are four state parks within an hour's drive. There are several areas nearby for watersports. Little Rock is about 70 miles to the east and Fort Smith is 80 miles to the west. Russelville is a college town - Arkansas Tech University is a great 4 year college that is currently experiencing expansion. Russellville is located in a dry county.

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Borger, TX

Low School/City Taxes/Great Fishing, Watersports - 12/22/2006

Nestled in the Ozark Mountain/Arkansas River Valley, Russellville is the home of the only nuclear power plant in Arkansas. The taxes paid by the plant reduce the homeowner tax basis, as well as providing increased funding of the local schools which are some of the best public in Ark. The fishing is outrageous, the hunting is good too, white tail deer mainly. Lake Dardanelle is underused and has good water quality. Climate is on average, mild 3 seasons, humid summers. Good people, good place. Low cost of living.

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