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Chicago, IL

Great Place! - 1/13/2016

Manitowoc is a great place to live if you want to live with crooked cops and be framed for murder. The police are great at planting evidence, coercing confessions, and lying in the courtroom. Good luck!!

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Newton, WI

Nice, but not much here - 11/17/2012

I have lived near Manitowoc for 5 years. There are few good-paying jobs here, but lots of minimum wage jobs. Lake Michigan is beautiful and provides a nice place to relax, but that's about it. There is NO shopping here...we have Wal-Mart and Shopko and when everyone heard a Kohls was being built it was the talk of the area for weeks. We suffer from typical small town mentality, but the people are friendly for the most part. You'll have a hard time if you're not a native and will pay your dues before being accepted, but it can be done. :) We're close to Green Bay and Sheboygan, which adds shopping and recreation choices. If you are looking for small town atmosphere, conservative people and a slow pace of life you'll lik it here. Also, you better like winter and snow because 7 months of the year are cold and we get lake effect snow dumped on us in huge amounts. 2 years ago we had 94 inches of snow over the winter (November thru May) and the previous 2 years from that we had over 50 inches.

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Manitowoc, WI

corrections on information - 1/13/2011

The city of manitowoc has a population of over 30,000 not 15,000. While the resession has hit every where manitowoc has been lucky because some of the manufacturing companies have closed down else where and focused on their locations in manitowoc, keeping jobs here.

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Marietta, GA

Interesting town - 6/17/2009

Last year my wife and went to Manitowoc she grew upin this town. The lake was amazing and the town was just the way she said it was except for the mall and a couple of new individual stores opening. I would go back and visit again but would not consider moving up there.

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Manitowoc, WI

Not a fan!!! - 10/9/2006

This area is unlike any area I have ever lived in. There is a lack of just about everything here including friendly people. The shopping is almost obsolete and the resteraunts are terrible. If you like winter, days without sun, and nothing to do, then you'll love it here!! If you love to drink beer, then this is your place, there is a bar about every five feet!! The beaches have been closed most of the summer due to e-coli. Socially, you pretty much better be a native or they don't want anything to do with you. They are closed minded, scared to move forward and try new ideas. The housing selection sucks! Their kids programs leave a lot to be desired!! Looking forward to new opportunities, SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

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Manitowoc, WI

Can't wait to leave ..... - 8/24/2006

I've lived in Manitowoc my entire life and can't wait to get out. The cost of living is reasonable, however the people are very narrow minded and ignorant. Very "clicky", as in high school type behavior. Jobs are available, however the pay reflects the environment. I do not recommend anyone relocate here.

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Manitowoc, WI

Brief Opinion - 7/10/2005

I've lived here for about 20 years. It's wonderful living next to the lake, but job opportunities are poor. Many companies are moving out of the area. Good people, low crime, many things to do, climate not bad. We get most of our snow in Jan through March. Summers can get very humid, but tempertures rarely rise above 90 degrees. There are many schooling options, but some are so focused on having everyone pass a significant number of students get lost in the shuffle and are left without skills. A lot of the population is what you would call old fashioned with ideals and life styles.

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