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"hope you like long commutes"

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Brisbane, CA

the city of the stars - 5/27/2014

is the name of this town because during the winter holiday people put up stars on their homes that can been seen from the entrance to the town that are donated by shops in town and made by folks that live here. There are only 2 roads in to this town with a main street thats a step back in time with no chain stores. Its 10-30 min to San Fran and 10 to SFO. Its in the sunbelt and gets cooling winds. People know your neighbors here. Its truly eclectic here. The weather is the best in my opinion for moderate temps and yet lots of sun. Whoever mentioned roadrage must not have lived in the NE or Fla.

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Brisbane, CA

hope you like long commutes - 11/12/2012

Brisbane is a very cute little town/city/suburb. But it's kind of expensive and a little bit difficult and long to get into the city. And as far as getting around in the peninsula/silicon valley, forget about it. Terrible traffic, awful road rage, constant accidents, people doing really dangerous things on the road, public transit always delayed and expensive. Hope you don't mind taking one to two hours each way to get to and from work.

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Mankato, MN awesome - 4/23/2011

awesome climate to live in:)

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Brentwood, CA

Recien mudados a California, pero felices de vivir - 2/21/2006

Estamos llegando al area de la Bahia de San Francisco. Felices de tener esta oportunidad.

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