Rome, New York

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Missoula, MT

White-Trash Dump - 5/2/2017

Between Lee and Rome, I spend my almost my entire schooling life here. As a kid you never really realize how bad a place might be until you come back as an adult and go 'wow'. Rome is the epitome of that feeling. Once you get just outside of the city limits and up towards Lee Center or out to the lake, it's not that bad. The fall foliage is fantastic all the way from the farms to the little ski area out past Lake Delta [all beit an overpriced ski]. The city itself can go from quaint to ghetto in about 2 blocks. As a kid, over the course of 10 yrs riding my bike around town, I could count the number of times on both hands that I rode my bike around the town WITHOUT someone yelling something at me either in person or from out a car window. Rome is a Thru-Way rest-stop that you only hit if you have absolutely no other choice. The worst part of town is down by the highway exits. Great thing to show people to get them off the road and into your town! It's a place with dwindling recreation and Taxes that hit 10% when I was a kid and everyone raised hell, so the city graciously rolled it back to 9.5% and it's sat there ever since. Rome's only claim to fame was Woodstock '99 and a once proud Air Force Base. I was one of the lucky ones that got out and moved away - to a place that my friends didn't know existed. Most others are tied down with kids they had in or right after High School, and/or are living at home still. Montana is stereotyped for being inbred and low-quality - which in some spots is true. Well, Rome is a place that makes those places in Montana look good!

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Rome, NY

A great place to enjoy life - 7/13/2011

Rome, NY and vicinity is located in a beautiful natural setting in Central New York. Affordable housing and cost of living is complemented by proximity to all-season recreation choices (lakes, rivers, mountains, ski resorts, golf courses galore, campgrounds, etc. in and around the Adirondacks); an abundance of local festivals, theaters, museum, concerts and performance venues, plus nearby escapes to casinos and spas; a short drive to Northeast metropolitan areas for leisure and work; and a welcoming slow pace when you return home. Historic and modern ethnic influences on cultural opportunities and restaurant offerings add richness to the daily mix of opportunities, rounded out by classroom and community programs for all ages, available on several campuses in the area.

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Rome, NY

Wonderful Rome - 2/21/2010

Rome is a most pleasing place if you enjoy being a second class citizen and pay no mind to clean clothes or water. In a nutshell,it is the worst four years I ever spent in a weekend anywhere. And I have been to many remote and underprivlidged areas of the world. Run while you still can !

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Rome, NY

school expenditure - 5/22/2008

I couldn't help but notice that the site lists the Rome school expenditure, per student as $9,170 per student, as opposed to a national average of $6,058. With our recent budget just having been voted in it seems those numbers should be updated. With a school budget of almost 95,000,000, and yes that is 95 MILLION, and a public school enrollment of 5,570 it now averages $16,464.02 per student. Quite a difference, isn't it? These numbers come from the school district's recent mailing on the proposed budget vote, which in itself is a non-vote, since the options were wither a school budget of $94,997,337 or settle on a "contingency" budget of $96,838,532. So the optionswere not accept the budget or we will work out a new one, but rather accept our budget or we will ram an even bigger one down your throats. Welcome to Rome.

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