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 Carl Bradeen
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I couldn't help but notice that the site lists the Rome school expenditure, per student as $9,170 per student, as opposed to a national average of $6,058. With our recent budget just having been voted in it seems those numbers should be updated. With a school budget of almost 95,000,000, and yes that is 95 MILLION, and a public school enrollment of 5,570 it now averages $16,464.02 per student. Quite a difference, isn't it? These numbers come from the school district's recent mailing on the proposed budget vote, which in itself is a non-vote, since the options were wither a school budget of $94,997,337 or settle on a "contingency" budget of $96,838,532. So the optionswere not accept the budget or we will work out a new one, but rather accept our budget or we will ram an even bigger one down your throats.
Welcome to Rome.



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OMG - yes, indeed, that makes QUITE a difference, doesn't it? We love NNY, however, have chosen not to retire from the military here due to the unbelievably high taxes (property, income, etc). I'm curious, with a budget of 95 million for your schools, they must be incredibly modern and well maintained? I love Rome, and think it's a lovely city. Unfortunately it sounds like there is just more of the same there that prevents us from settling in NNY. :o(



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