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76.15% of people are white, 4.82% are black, 15.49% are asian, 0.13% are native american, and 1.33% claim 'Other'. 5.91% of the people in Naperville, IL, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 94.09% are non-hispanic).

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Waukegan, IL
Lived in Chicago suburbs my whole life. Napervill - 12/31/2014

I grew up in the Chicago area suburbs and have lived in every area. Naperville has, by far been my favorite! Yeah, Illinois drivers are total asshats and you're going to run into that no matter what Chicago suburb you live in, but it's a HUGE city with amazing culture and something to do no matter what your in to. There's an easy drive into "The City" (Chicago), PLENTY of shopping options and the schools are phenomenal. I was a little surprised when I this website saying the cost of living is almost 40% higher than the U.S. average. I mean, it's a little pricier but I lived here when I was 24-26 y/o with my boyfriend and we got by swimmingly renting a 2bed 1.5bath apartment (with a really nice deck and huge kitchen) for $1300/mo. So, in comparison to living in "The City" and the dilapidated crap holes I've been in, it was MUCH CHEAPER. I'm on this website looking for the next place to live because of the winters. They are seriously unbearable! Right now I'm in my apartment listening to 20mph winds with a whopping -18 windchill. I'm in a (very crappy) suburb of Chicago, up north by Wisconsin but I can assure you, it is no warmer over in Naperville. Summers are short, hot and humid (or at least used to be). Now, they're very short and it get's "hot" for a couple weeks. Either way, in my opinion, if you must move to the Chicago land area, Naperville, is definitely the place to go! [read more...]

Naperville, IL
Naperville Retirement - 7/30/2014

When the family has left the nest, move out to a different tree. The taxes here will eat up your retirement $ in an instant.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Nice City But With Attitude - 9/11/2012

Have lived in Naperville a long time, and love our quaint downtown and River Walk area (we even have a beach!), the proximity to Chicago, the multitude of in-town and nearby shopping options, the access to good healthcare, and the lush trees. Other than not-so-great midwestern winters, Naperville is a lovely place to live...but you have to deal with a bit of attitude. Case in point was children's story time at the otherwise wonderful library. The group leader introduced the kids to the song, "This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes..." But, she then explained that because we were in Naperville, our version of the song would be, "This is the way we call the maid, call the maid..." Second verse? "This is the way we check our stock, check our stock..." This we're-just-a-bit-better attitude is fairly typical and generally demonstrated by those with the least reason to have it (not that it's ever warranted or appropriate). If you like driving a certain kind of car, whether or not you can afford it, and being a bit of a pretender, Naperville may be the place for you. But, then, there are a lot of us here who are completely normal as well! [read more...]

Wheaton, IL
Don't move here - 3/2/2012

It is not a nice place to live unless you love strip mall after strip mall and lots of traffic-especially SUV's- riding your bumper even though you're already 10 mph over the speed limit. The winters are brutal(this one and only was an exception) and when it is warm enough to venture outside everything feels damp-in all the seasons. Houses that would sell in other states for 200,000 are in the 1/2 million price range here. The Riverwalk is overrated and there is really nothing to do downtown except eat. Chicago is rated #8 in the country for obesity probably d/t the plethora of restaurants and the lesser amounts of green space and hiking trails. There is an occasional fabulous neighborhood but for the most part, Naperville is overcrowded,over-built and overrated.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Home is what you make of it... - 6/7/2011

I am a midwesterner looking at retiring somewhere warm and snow free. The winters here in Chicago and surrounding suburbs are brutal at times but for some reason people stay. Temps can reach -40 degrees in the winter and +95 degrees in the summer. Crime is much lower here in Naperville, Illinois and as compared to Chicago with a population of 4 million. And my point is, regardless of where you reside it's what you make of it. I am willing to give up the snow, cold winters and hot summers and low crime rate for the hot weather and beautiful sandy beaches in Florida. Hurricanes do concern me but with a little preparation and a back up plan most do survive. I survived a hurricane in Puerto Rico in the 80's and it helped me hone in on my survival skills. A little luck doesn't hurt though. Now where in Florida does one start the search? Terri from Hollywood, FL do you have the answer?[read more...]

Tampa, FL
relocating to IL - 4/17/2011

I lived in IL the majority of my life. Am looking to return. Since you are moving to IL, I would suggest the western suburb of Naperville. There are other suburbs around there and they are just as pleasant. Plenty of shopping and very kid-friendly! There is a train that will take you into the city. I love this town, you will too. Great Pizza, White Castles, just to name a few of the wonderful things awaiting![read more...]

Naperville, IL
Great K-12 School System - 4/17/2009

Naperville schools are some of the best in the state of Illinois. They provide a complete educational experience to the students - from academic, to arts, music, recreation, and sports. Naperville is a great place to raise a family![read more...]

Naperville, IL
Soo Cold here. - 2/15/2009

I hate the witer's here. There are more cloudy days than sunny days. It is so bone chilling cold in the winter. Looking to move down south.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
naperville - 2/15/2009

good[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Everything positive written was true - 7/31/2008

Naperville is a great and we love living here. Lived in other great places and this is one of the best. [read more...]

Naperville, IL
Seen it since I was born - 6/18/2008

I have lived in Naperville my whole life. I was born at Edwards Hospital and Im 22 now. I have seen Naperville change drastically...some good and some bad. I think I definately started to notices the changes towards the end of my elementry years, when Naperville was named the best place to raise kids. It seemed like everyone and their cousin moved here in hopes of giving their children the best life. Downtown is nothing like it used to be...but its actually better. It has a ton of restaurants and bars and shops and's a ton of fun! And I've noticed a lot of the people who go downtown aren't even from Naperville, but from surrounding towns. I will have to admit from working at two different restaurants in downtown Naperville, that I have met people who think they are better than the next, flash their money bc they can and a ton of moms think they are the chics from sex and the city. Its kind of ridiculous, but funny at the same time. Yea, a lot of people may have money in Naperville, but they are just big fishes in a small pond. A lot of people live and die by the market here, which is a shame. Overall it is a great place for kids thats for sure. There is just so much to offer for long as their parents don't brainwash them to be materialistic, stuck up and make them believe they are entitled because they live here.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Nice, good schools, a little Stepford like sometim - 5/11/2008

I grew up here, lived in Chicago and other cities as an adult and chose to move back here a few years ago - primarily for the schools and b/c family is near-by. Its not really the best town for a single parent - often feel like odd man(woman) out. But the schools are good, not as diverse as some might like (economically or racially)and I don't find them to be overly prepared to adapt to any differences a child might have (this is supported by a number of friends who have special needs kids - mild special needs - and have moved out of the district for better services). But the curriculum is better than what my child had on the east coast. The town is all about kids and families, so there is lots to find to do any given weekend. Prmixity to Chicago is good for work, but what they don't tell you is there is a six-ten year wait (I am not kidding, I almost chocked when the city told me this) for a parking permit for the two train lots. So if you're looking to relocate here and need to commute to Chicago, live closer to the train stations. Pace Bus system available, but it would add 45 minutes to my daily commute if I used it. Like any place, there are pros and cons. The cons just aren't always first apparent when you look at Naperville. The downtown area is great, mostly chain stores and restaurants, but it is still more than most surrounding communities have and can provide a diversion on a nice day or a decent quick trip for an outfit or something. Overall, great for a family, lots of opportunities for kids.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Great Schools - 5/2/2008

We have 2 daughters (3 & 5). The younger has Autism. The programs for Autistic Childern here is fantastic. The kindergarten my older attends is also excellent. We have been very happy here with the educational opportunities Naperville has offered to our children.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Naperville - 1/6/2008

Naperville's profile has changed drastically in the past 20 years or so. It's a pleasant community with a lot to offer, however the continued expansion and land development in the area has put heavy burdens on the ever growing school population and daily traffic. Daily commuting around this area is a pill, or at least makes you want to take one. The population is also very transient, homeowners being transferred here and there, it's hard to sustain enduring relationships as far as neighbors go.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Correction to population information for Napervill - 11/13/2007

Naperville is one of the largest cities in Illinois (either 3rd or 4th largest). It has a population of almost 150,000 (I don't know the exact number.), but it is a lot larger than the 33,755 that you listed. In one survey, it was voted the second best place to live for cities over 100,000. It also was voted one of the most kid-friendly cities in the U.S. It's a great place to live. I have been here over 21 years. The schools are excellent, the many and varied restaurants are wonderful, the riverwalk is beautiful, and the town has a small town atmosphere with the friendliest of people. It is a growing and changing town, all for the best.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
Naperville - 8/4/2007

While Naperville is not perfect, it is as close to the "good old days" where kids call other kids parents Mr. & Mrs., they can play safely in the street, or in a group until 10 pm in the neighborhood. There is something for everyone here. The downside is that it is growing so fast that it is losing its small town feel (even though it hasn't been a small town for a long time) and the taxes are becoming outrageous.[read more...]

Naperville, IL
teardowns are ruining Naperville - 9/4/2006

Moving from the center of downtown Naperville, teardowns are increasing in frequency ruining the charm Naperville used to have and littering it gigantic houses taking up almost the entire lot.[read more...]

Benicia, CA
It's a Wonderful Life!!! - 9/1/2006

I love living in Naperville, IL. I am originally from Birmingham, AL and lived in Benicia California for a short time. Naperville is the best. They have the best schools/academics. I has great shopping and restaurants. Everyting is conviently located. The crime is under control (This is important to me, a divorced mom). The train ride into the city is heavenly...I work in Chicago. I used Sperlings to find this city, and I am well pleased.... [read more...]

Naperville, IL
Suburban Sprawl - 7/12/2006

Since My own observations in the early 1990s, Naperville has grown in affluence and total population size having almost doubled in size in a mere decade. Owing to the sometimes blind obsession of 'raising kids right' many have chosen this area for the purposes of child rearing owing to the reports recieved about local schooling. However, schools aside, there is much to do, that is, if you have the money. It is not uncommon to spot recently initiated drivers behind the wheel of Ferraris or a new Lexus, nor is it common to see individuals without the latest gadgets or cellphone attachment while driving such vehicles. Given the influx of affluence this is to be expected, however strip away the short tempered, arrogent and impatient majority and the town retains it's small town charm. Centered around the oldest part of the city (simply called 'downtown' or with the prefix "The"), Naperville's main hub resides around two main streets, Jefferson Avenue and Chicago avenue. Inbetween these one can find at least three Starbucks (within visual range of one another), Upscale clothing retail, and all major Yuppie trendsetting resturants including the Mongolian BBQ chain and "Potbellies" nestled within these two streets. Although originally home to local businesses, with the rising affluence, few original locally owned stores remain including two Antique malls, a Furnature store, two bookstores (Which have been overshadowed by a Local Barnes and Noble/Starbucks), and little else. Expanded further with the installation of Condominiums ranging in the half a million dollar price range, congestion has suffered and it is inadvisable to drive, due to the sheet number and bulk of vehicles (in an era of Gasoline conscieness, Naperville is a postchild for the Hummer Generation.) Local activities include Cellphones, Starbucks, Working off excess weight through the nearby hospital which specializes in weight related illness, and the rarely used Centennial Beach, a former rock quarry turned Swimming hole. Managed by the Naperville Park District, which hosts classes and leagues for children and their often times vocally belligerant parents, a wide variety of sports such as basketball, baseball, local football, and even Mass group lead martial arts. Holding onto that 'small town' charm, Thursdays in the Summer are host to the Naperville Bandshell's classical outdoor concerts held at a bandshell located off of Jefferson. If one feels disinclined to the Cellphone using, Ga[read more...]

Naperville, IL
A location of diversity - 7/12/2006

Having lived in the town of Naperville since 1989 it would be wrong to state that the climate is either too hot or too cold. Instead, Naperville is a city which experiences on average a wide shift of weather conditions and the ambient temperature that comes with them. Due to it's location and relative topography, Naperville is exposed to traditional Midwestern weather in addition to the occasional shift brought on by Lake Michigan. Temperatures in the summer traditionally hover around the mid to high 80s, but the region has had the occasional extreme day in which temperatures reach triple digits, though these are traditionally limited to a couple times a year. Winter (especially January) is a period in which Arctic air from Canada is known to push down into the region and keep temperatures well below freezing. Coupled with the ever present 'wind chill' factor that comes with living in the Midwest, temperatures can often times go below zero degrees and in extreme conditions as low as -40 F. Yearly percipitation is to be expected with an emphasis on Spring being the primary season of rainfall. Additionally, Humidity should be considered as a factor in the spring and summer weather as relative humidity can reach high levels (as has been seen this July) making warm temperatures even more difficult to live in. In summation, the weather of the region is neither hot nor cold, nor temperate, but a mix of extremes.[read more...]

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