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Nicholasville - just keep driving. - 8/23/2015
Worst city I've ever lived in. The schools are terrible. The people are all smiles and lies. Half the population is a criminal or drug addict. The average intelligence is 3rd grade. If you are not from here, you are an outsider and you will be pushed out. The city officials are so into controlling the people the code enforcement has a $10 if you curse. They are all about the.communism. Bow! Do as your told. The retards at McDonalds can't understand No Pickles. The beaners at Wendy's don't understand No Cheese. I had to learn no caso. I have someone that for 2 years has been in my yard damaging things. I am being harassed by the code enforcement paycho. Prices are higher than Lexington my a considerable amount. My electric is sky high.compared to Lexington. It's a nightmare of a back hick town. They make their own laws. I hear rumors of the cops dealing also but since it's from the drug addicts I don't give it much thought. I highly recommend moving to Georgia, Tennessee or S. Carolina.
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Education, really? - 4/11/2011
When it comes to quality education Nicholasville, Ky shouldn't pop onto your radar. Not only are the schools over capacity but they will push kids up a grade even when they're clearly not ready. If your looking for a great high school to put on your childs college application, it would be best to look somewhere else.
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Keep Things In Sight - 4/11/2011
Violent crimes in this area are rare compared to the national average, however some individuals within city limits have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves when it comes to property. Its seems that lately,according to the local and surrounding news station the entire state has had an increase in copper and prescription medication theft.
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Climate In Nicholasville - 4/10/2011
The climate here in our town is pretty consistant, meaning that we experience all four seasons. Are summer average is around 84 degrees, spring is usually around 65-70 degrees with decent percipitation and our winters can be anywhere from 30-50 degrees with mild to moderate snow fall. All in all, its great!
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where we live - 8/3/2009
we live in a town just outside of lexington ky.Rent is from 600.00 to 1200 per month for a small to nice home.
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Need feedback on Nicholasville - 5/18/2007
My wife and I are considering moving to the Lexington/Nicholasville area. We would appreciate any feedback about the area. Thank you!
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Cute Town! - 12/7/2006
We were transferred here two years ago because of my husband's job and we love it! It is a small town nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of blue grass country. There are horse farms all around. There is a cute little main street that looks like mayberry. It is a great "community" with good people. We're only 10 minutes from Lexington and all the conveniences of a city.
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