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Mt. Pleasant is the home to Central Michigan University. Much of its economy is tied to the University or the casino. The rest is just service jobs for college students that pay maybe $7 an hour. Its a great place to live while you are getting your degree, but the scant job market and nothing to do will make you move out after you graduate. The nearest town to even go to the mall or do something is an hour to the south is Lansing, which isnt impressionable either. The nearest major city, Detroit, is over 2 hours away, making Mount Pleasant's location very secluded. I lived in Mt. Pleasant for nearly 3 years while getting my degree and know what I'm talking about. Its a small town stuck in the middle of cornfields in the middle of Michigan. And you can always smell the natural gas from the reserves nearby. If you like at least mid-sized cities with things to see and do and want to be exposed to culture, people and jobs, go elsewhere. Chicago is almost a 4 hour drive and Detroit is about 2.



Job market in "Mount 'P'"
Lived in Mount Pleasant for two years. I could not find a job. I wasn't a student at the local college nor a member of the reservation that Mount Pleasant is on. I have come across some very racial attitude towards the color of my skin. Think of it this way, if you were black and lived in a old school southern town of white folks, you would understand. Talk about feeling the 'odd' one out!!
Its a total college town. Fine if you got mommy and daddy paying for everything and not have to worry about anything. But if you're not, you seem to be S.O.L.



Climate in Mount Pleasant, MI
As a citizen of Mount Pleasant for nearly ten years, I have seen it grow considerably, particularly in the last five years. Home of Central Michigan University, it's your typical college town that seems to keep growing with the university. It's a fine place to raise a family and is probably a great place to move to now as the development is on the rise.



people of Mount Pleasant
Think that because fast food chains and big box stores are moving in, that means they're getting to be a big time city. All that does is deface a cities character and makes it less appealling. Everybody in our state is gearing towards quicker, cheaper, and low quality types of foods and goods and it's sickening. If you want to see a real "booming" town go to Grand Rapids where new high-rise condo's/hotels, doctor offices/ hospitals, and colleges are being developed on every block just about (except for SE G.R.) A city on the same population scale of MP you would have to look at Traverse City to find a real booming town for a city population of 15,000.



If you would like to get a nice job, please dont move to Mount Pleasant. This town has jobs primarily geared towards the college students which average $6.00 an hour. When I get my LPN license, I will move to a city that has higher wages for nurses.



what's up with Mt. Pleasant
Patrick writes that it is booming in this city. I live here and it's ultra quiet without much of anything going on. What gives?



winter lasts too long here. usually form october until march or april. and it gets really cold. summers anen't has hot anymore, usually ine the 70-80. Not a lot of rain, moderate. Really nice falls and late springs. Nice quiet town that is booming right now.



Mt. Pleasant is the home of Central Michigan University, one of the Michigan's original "Normal Schools" for teacher education. It remains a strong academy for teacher training and also has strong programs in a number of areas.

It is the county seat for Isabella County - named for the Queen of Spain.

There is no "heavy" industry. Mt. Pleasant is the center of Michigan's oil and gas development and a number of firms here serve that industry.

There is a huge casino operated by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, which provides mucho income for the indiginous population.


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