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Discordianism: - 7/12/2011
It is really no big deal, however, I am just going to throw this out there:

I am Lord PopSKULL of The Trans-Discordian Sect of TOOtwo BonK. We Worship/Constantly Ignore The Goddess Eris.

We are based in Fergus Falls, MN. We have three short of 50 active members. (as of the publishing of this comment.)

Given the currently available census data; We represent approximately three one-thousandths of our fair city's religious demographic.


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very conservative - 11/29/2005
Although this city is a nice, beautiful place to live with many lakes and trees, it is also full of people of older age. Driving here is very frustrating. It is very hard to get through the city council (and others) because of the more conservative attitudes held throughout the community. Therefore, the city isn't living up to its full potential. It is a wonderful place to grow up as a child and to settle back down again, but if you want to experience life to its full extent, then Fergus might not be the right place for you.
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