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64.55% of people are white, 12.70% are black, 6.65% are asian, 0.37% are native american, and 10.35% claim 'Other'. 31.00% of the people in White Plains, NY, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 69.00% are non-hispanic).

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White Plains, NY
Recreation - 9/28/2009

The city does a very good job promoting youth sports. They recently upgraded a number of sporting venues including the high school & middle school football fields & track facilites are brand new.[read more...]

White Plains, NY
Culture and Recreation - 9/30/2008

I love living in White Plains there are many activities,reataurants and it's close to New York City.The only draw back to me is the occasional heavy and unpredictable snow during winter.[read more...]

White Plains, NY
Just Too Expensive - 4/20/2008

It's a fantastic place to live and I wish I didn't have to move, but now that I'm looking to buy my first home outside my parents house (which was bought for 122,000 12 years ago and now is worth 700,000), it's just too expensive in this area now. Off to somewhere else.[read more...]

White Plains, NY
Transportation of White Plains - 1/12/2008

This city has metro north rail road to Manhattan. It takes less than 1 hour for you to drive to Flushing, Queens, NY, where you can find nice Chinese and Koran restaurants and grocery stores. The bee line buses can drive you to most towns in Westchester county. Driving 2 hours, you can go to snow ski areas and hiking parks also.[read more...]

Westlake Village, CA
Least favorite place I have ever lived - 5/23/2007

Rude people - especially when driving, crowded, very expensive housing, apartment manager that wanted a bribe of 1 month's rent for renting you an apartment, movers that extort for a "tip", stolen hubcaps, etc. Because of my career and having been a military officer, I have lived in 8 different places around the country. New York is my least favorite. I lived on the upper west side of Manhattan for 2 years (while in business school) and in Westchester County for 3 years. NYC is great though in that there is so much there. Not worth it though vs. the negatives.[read more...]

White Plains, NY
pedestrian hostile - 5/9/2007

White Plains is the most pedestrian hostile place I know. The police have no presence downtown and do nothing about: cars running red lights, cars over stop line, cars in crosswalk, cars turning without full stop, cars turning where there is no legal turn. Manhattan is much more civil. These things are even done near the police headquarters, which is like a bunker with an entrance more hidden than that for the bat cave. They should be called the secret police because their existance is a secret.[read more...]

White Plains, NY
Cost of living - 4/19/2006

Very high cost of living. You even have to pay to park at the city libraries.[read more...]

White Plains, NY
White Plains NY - 10/7/2005

This city is rapidly changing. We now have 2 Starbucks coffee shops in the city, movies and a performing arts theater. We have 5 shopping malls and brand new hotels being built. Please update your site to the new White Plains.[read more...]

West Harrison, NY
starbucks - 10/5/2005

There are now 2 Starbucks Coffee shops in White Plains. The city population is now over 54000 people.[read more...]