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SperlingViews - Centerville, Ohio

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90.24% of people are white, 4.32% are black, 3.01% are asian, 0.05% are native american, and 0.55% claim 'Other'. 1.93% of the people in Centerville, OH, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 98.07% are non-hispanic).

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Dayton, OH
School Funding - 11/27/2012

Total spending per pupil for students in the Centerville City School district (Washington Township and City of Centerville) is $10,615 [read more...]

Dayton, OH
Climate - 7/26/2011

Centerville has a pleasant four seasons climate - beautiful spring and fall a cold but not harsh winter and a hot but not scorching summer.[read more...]

Dayton, OH
Quality of Life - 9/29/2010

Ok[read more...]

Dayton, OH
Homes and Business for sale everywhere - 5/6/2007

Things have changed here in the last five months. Homes for sale and very few buyers. I have an historical home for sale in the business district of centerville ohio its zoned B4 meaning residential/commericial. It should sell for 179,900 its now priced at 169,900 I do have a customer very interested in the property but its now 10,000 less then it should be. I run a remodeling business here and for the last eight years. About five months ago the business slowed way down. This seems to happen every January thru March. Now we have all these new contractors moving in and low balling everything. I see alot of michican tags everywhere. My family and I are moving I am looking into the Houston Area. I don't see things changing here in our area for several years and even then I don't think this is a great place for teenagers to live or try to figure out what they want to do with their lives. This is a great place to live if you have a great job and have young children to raise just get them out of here when they become young adults theirs nothing for them to do. One house and one business for sale everywhere with no sold signs tells me I am not the only business owner leaving town. Theirs at least one every three buildings for lease or sell.[read more...]

Dayton, OH
Stephanie - 2/24/2007

The education in the Centerville school system is strong and getting stronger as the years progress. The schools are either newly updated or are becoming updated with more math and science classrooms and labs. As a product of the school system I entered my university very well prepared for any major. P.S. I do NOT work for the Centerville City Schools.[read more...]

Dayton, OH
Very unpleasant community. - 8/21/2006

Everybody is moving and thier is little to do, making many kids resort to drugs and alcohol.[read more...]