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Nice small town.
I live in Mississippi and im 15. Im looking for somewhere to relocate when I graduate college. Even though im 15 and I have a long way ahead before I even graduate High-school I still feel the need to travel when Im older. This place feels like a nice place to live. I heard there little crime and outdoor activities are very common.



Great Place to Raise a Family
Great Quality of life. People are nice.



Peaceful, but full of L.D.S
I've lived here for about 12 years now, and I got to say it's a very peaceful place to live. Well, It depends what you're doing every day and where you live in Utah. But, there are a ton of mormons, and probably everyone of your friends will be mormon, maybe catholic if there from somewhere else. I still like it here, because I don't find there being any racism or anything like that. At least not for me.



Wide variety of outdoor and cultural activities
Nestled between Utah Lake and the Wasatch Front mountains, there are lots of great outdoor activities available. Provo is home to Brigham Young University, which is known for its fine arts and wonderful cultural displays. In both cases, much of it is available at little or no charge.



A great place to live
I think the biggest thing that makes this place great is the quality of the people. Most of the people you come across are good, honest, quality people. Of course, there's always a few bad apples, you get that anywhere, but I think they are fewer and farther between here.



Provo is a great place to live
Come to Provo to live. It is beautiful year round. The people are friendly and life is pleasant. Being in an LDS environment is wonderful. I have loved every minute of it.



Stay away unless you're Mormon
I grew up in Provo, UT. Despite the scenic mountain surroundings, living there can be tough unless you are a Mormon. Everything revolves around the LDS church from boyscouts to neighbor parties. You can't have a 5 minute conversation with anyone without a reference about LDS life coming up. I've been asked often in interviews (which is illegal) if I was Mormon, and kids often don't want to befriend your children or allow their kids to play with "heathen" children on Sundays. That's just a small example. There is a saying used often in Utah, "If you don't like it, you can leave." That sums it up. "It" refers to the Mormon Church dominating every aspect of your life, whether you are part of the church or not. If you don't like Mormonism crammed down your throat everyday for your life, leave. Thank God I did.



Provo, UT
As much as people tend to jeer at the claims of the Happiest Place on Earth in Provo, it's not a bad place to live for the avid outdoorsman. Lots of cheap recreation exists close by, and housing is fairly affordable. The family atmosphere is great, but most of the community is geared toward young adults and dating, because Provo was built around the nation's largest private religious University, Brigham Young University. It's a fairly safe place to live, and the job market is decent.



College town
It's a college town.



The hot and the cold
Summers can be really hot, into the hundreds for a few days, but with low humidity, one can always escape into the shade. The winters are cold, with January definitely being the coldest. Only for a few days does the low hit the single digits. Spring and Fall are very enjoyable. It is not uncommon to have what is known as an "indian summer." This is when warm temperatures (60-70) last into October. With the mountains close, this is a great place to live. You can escape in the mountains when it is hot, or you can escape into the mountains during the winter for many different recreational activities.



Recreation Haven
If it's done outdoors it's probably done around Provo somewhere. From mountain biking to camping, hiking, golfing, fishing.



unique locale
provo is very unique. it has a high population of college students, but is generrally very conservative. many people are lds, so you have a lot of that culture around.



Great place to raise a family!
Nice to have the mountains and Provo river nearby and the people are very nice here.



College Town
It is a college town. BYU!



Great Place
Great place to live and go to school at BYU!


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