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I was born and raised in Columbus and it disappoints me that the vast majority of people commenting this site on Columbus are negative. Columbus is a great place to raise a family in! We all grow up and can't wait to move away from home and of course I did, I moved to Atlanta and to Virginia Beach and ended up back in Columbus! There's no place like home!
Yes it's hot and humid, we are in the SOUTH! Like all southern cities it's hot and humid. If you don't like the heat move up north. If you don't like what's going on in your city, write your local Legislators. I agree, to some degree, the "names" in town have control over salaries and keep them to a bare minimal. I do think this is improving and with all due respect, some of the older "names" are dying off and being replaced by some of their children/ grandchildren who want to improve things. As far as crime, yes it is high, do you have a neighborhood watch? I guess the moral to this story is what are you doing to improve the city you live in and/or call home? I ran across this website by mistake doing research for work and was so disappointed that I felt compelled to say "shame on you" you take the time to write a lengthy email of how horrible Columbus is. Why don't you take the time to write your Legislatures or do something in the community to make a difference?



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