Town Council Taxes without vote

 Janet Chappell
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Star Rating 12/4/2011
Tuttle used to be a nice place to live, away from the city where we could enjoy nature and quiet.
In 2010, we the people voted no tax increase to support a library in our little town that isn't on the way to anywhere. One year later, town council attached a sewer tax onto our utility bills to repair a sewer in the town proper, which we will never use. Residents who live in the country are forced to pay this "capital improvement fee," even though we have septic tanks to maintain out of our own pockets. "Any monies collected by government for use by government is a tax."- encyclopedia. Tuttle council does not publish the agendas of their monthly meetings so residents can provide input prior to their voting. Tuttle council members do not ask for their constituents' input, nor have I ever met the council member of my ward. They don't care what we the people want; they do what they want for their own pupose and greed.
The Tuttle town Council decides to make city ordinances based on their personal pet peeves. In November, 2011, they voted to fine residents if they park cars anywhere on their property other than in their own driveways. This was based on the mayor's objection to his neighbor's parking in his yard. Apparently the mayor of Tuttle hasn't heard the old adage that "Fences make good neighbors." Oklahoma's town limits extend for miles outside the actual towns. This means that those residing in the country are subject to the same rules imposed by a few in a closed meeting.

People need to know how things work in Tuttle before purchasing property.



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Janet Chappell
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Town Council Taxes without vote
Tuttle used to be a nice place to live, away from the c...
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