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 Alice Zamnuik
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Star Rating 3/7/2009
I came to Washington State, with my parents, back in the 70's. I have watched this state change from a Open Space area to urban overgrowth. The cost of living has steadly raised year after year and the inflation factor is totally out of control right now. Unless you have a high tech job you aren't going to get ahead in Washington.

I love the greenery and the range of land, sea, water, and mountains that is reachable, within per hours of each other. I hate the way rules and regulations have taken over and the govern that's been in place for the last 10 years is ruining the greatest of Washington State.

Hopefully, it will not come to the same thing that happened in the 70/80's, where a billboard read "The Last Person Out, Please Turn Out the Lights".



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