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 Mary Meiser
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Star Rating 1/9/2010
Could be better. Cincinnati looks great on paper. Anything and everything you could ever want is here. The data report card numbers paint a different picture, however,and a more realistic one. Cincinnati is not a tidy city. Air quality, trash/garbage, clutter,crime,increasing street-urban experience,attitude and clannish preferences can all be off-putting and worse. In the city and more urban areas,Cincinnatians can present as angry, harsh and rude. It is not the norm for people to make eye contact and smile, nod or speak. In the greater Cincinnati area, most people interact with their own families or a few friends in their own areas. There is a deep divide between the East side and West side with I75 as the dividing line. It is hard to gain acceptance into established and defined groups.

On the positive side, there are efficiencies. Drivers will often yield. People do not usually cut you off. You can strike up a basic conversation with people when you are out and about. Cincinnati is rich in resources. There are many choices and options for services and employment here.



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