Wubs my city =)

 Darryl whittaker
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Star Rating 10/27/2009
Those who never left Gary cannot appreciate the brilliance that is the city. It has more major highway connections than cities 12x its size, it is less than an hour from 3 major airports, 2 international sea ports, and it has a great working class because of the mill. We've got tons of people who know how to work with electrical, mechanical, and contruction engineering. So please, just because your poor of spirit doesn't mean we all plan to wallow lay idle. We have over 40 miles the best beach on lake michigan. I go there almost every day in the summer time. Its quiet and lovely and no one bothers me. As a matter of fact I've been in Gary since I was born in 1972 and I always love coming back. Sure crime has become more of an issue, but its actually more of a media sterotype than actual figures. we average like 60 murders a year for almost 100k people...please pay attention to the differences of 60 and 100,000.



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Robin C.

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Gary, In is not a safe place to raise a family. There are too many issues that surrond the city and that is not just a sterotype, it's a fact. I can speak from experience, I grew up near the beach front in Indiana. In the early 80's it wasn't too bad. I couldn't imagine living there today. There are no jobs, the schools are out dated, and the scenery is depressing.



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