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 Katie Ruzzi
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Star Rating 3/31/2008
I moved to Richmond, VA nearly 12 years ago and I must tell you this is the most racist place I have ever live. I was very surprise since there are so many other cultures living there. The Virginians I met are not aware they are free. It is very boring and some of them treat new comers like outsiders. The job market is geared for Caucasins only. If you are of another culture you will be waiting to get a job as long as 8 months and this is with a degree. I am so happy I moved from this place. I do not recommend Richmond as a place to live. Also, the crime is out of control.



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Silly question, but when you say Richmond is racist, do you mean white people treat black people poorly or the other way around? You said the Virginians you met don't know they are free. Are you saying the people have a big chip on their shoulder and feel that they are "owed" by whites to make up for what happened to their ancestors? There is a job here I am interested in and need to find out if this is someplace I'd like to live. Thanks for your input



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