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Star Rating 3/8/2013
I moved here from Dallas 3 years ago. I was so used to the gang violence, theft and all things that ruin towns. I have been so surprised that people leave things unlocked, outside, and so on and it is safe. Due to the huge amount of bicycles and the college here - bikes can be victims pretty easy. I love Tucson and love the weather here - no tornados, ice storms (unless they are laughable ones), its not too dusty like i thought it would be at all. Love the dry climate and not dripping in sweat like Dallas, where I had to bathe three times a day just to keep on. Love the mountains, the clear clear skies, clean air, very seldom windy, usually 7 mph, I love being surrounded by mountains and the beauty of palm trees right beside huge sahauro cactus (the tall ones with arms are everywhere) along with many other types of cactus. The freeway goes around Tucson so there is no transient freeway traffic to get in the way of the slow moving traffic. Such a courteous city they have bike lanes on practically all streets with wide clearance. The fire department here is stupendous! They are on the scene in a matter of seconds no matter if the emergency is big or small for rich or poor. Medical here is fabulous as well as social help programs. Its a very healthy and well living fun community. Lots of cool people I have come to call friends are hippies or music lovers of all kinds who stepped out of the rat race and back into a time where there was conversation, relaxation and safe get togethers of up to a hundred people with no drive by shootings to mess it up. Also the police here are very helpful and friendly, not jerks. I've been to lots of parties out here where if it was going on in Dallas the whole place would be shut down and everybody hauled off - for nothing much. Pot is very widespread out here may explain the laid backedness. There are other drug activities out here but nothing like Dallas. I worked with gangs there for 40 years, I know crime and I know safe. But I didn't know chilled out beautiful life in the high desert. Make Tucson your home... you won't be sorry.



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