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You want to know what Green Bays about? Well I am from one of those huge multi generational "Green Bay families" that never leave and I will tell you exactly what Green Bay is like. Ok Green Bay is a regional legal, hospital, retail and entertainment center with a paper manufacturing base. So what you get with Green Bay basically is a small city with a nearly abandoned downtown and a population that is made up of those too stupid to leave and failed farmers from "up norf" looking to make it in the "big city." I was born and raised in Green Bay and it really is a good place to have a big family, if your rich, which very few are! Problem is anyone with a brain and/or an education leaves first changes they get because the job market is worse than terrible..Its 3rd world!

The true locals are nice, friendly and well educated. Educated enough to leave toot sweet and they are replaced by failed farmers and U.P of Michigan refugees who are little more than vicious, ignorant and seriously drunk hill billies. These hick farm folk come to Green Bay and are complete jerks because they don't know how to deal with traffic, they think Green Bay is a big scary city full of bad people and they are overwhelmed by things like stop lights, parking ramps or things like seeing actual minorities. In short Green Bay is great, if you want to make 11 bucks an hour, stay drunk 24/7/365, weigh 300lbs+++ and like to do things like shining deer with spot lights or shooting beer cans of the hood of your pick up truck with a rusty .22 and not care if you miss and hit the truck. For everyone else, aka normal sober non-U.P'ers, Green Bay is the Gaza strip of the mid-west. It really is little more than a refugee camp for failed farmers and UP'er fleeing the utter wasteland of the Upper peninsula of Michigan.

Green Bay is a complete dump and its worse than even the most negative people here are saying! The weather is as bad as they say and the people are hick, ignorant and extremely drunk! In fact here is how bad the drinking is in Wisconsin. Nevada is #1 in booze consumption and Wisconsin is second. Both states are about 5 million people yet Nevada gets 36 million tourists a year into the party towns of Reno and Los Vegas. So the reality is that the 5 million people of Wisconsin drink almost as much as the state of Nevada with nothing even close to the 36 million tourists or a party Mecca like Vegas! We don’t get 36 million tourists to pad our consumption numbers, 5 million Wisconsinites just normally drink as much as the 40 million people rolling through Nevada every year! The amount of drinking is honestly shocking and the best advice I could gave you is never try to go drink for drink with someone from Wisconsin, you could easy die! I’m even talking skinny Wisconsin college girls, they will burry you! I’m not kidding even most of the women here would and could drink a case of beer (we don’t have 3.2 beer like Nevada either!) and still function well enough to drive to IHOP for post drinking pancakes. I heard a Green Bay cop once say that he had cut back on his drinking and was down to a case of beer a day! A CASE A DAY AND THIS IS A GREEN BAY COP WITH 15-20 YEARS OF SERVICE TALKING!! The place is that terrible and worse!



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