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 Elizabeth Cettina
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Star Rating 12/28/2007
The quality of life here is lively I suppose. If you enjoy nightlife there are clubs you can go out to that are close by. The beaches are beautiful, the sugar-white sand gets splashed by emerald green water. In the summer the beaches are crowded and you can't drive on the roads because there are so many tourists. Stores stay open later in the summer and for holidays but then you are left with tired workers with neverending shifts. Foreigners come in for the summer to fill positions that would otherwise not get filled. They are very sweet people but sometimes you can't understand them, please have patience when shopping. In the winter we get all the snow birds traffic again becomes annoying. Destin in itself is a small town but has been invaded by tourists and the original boating homey feel has been washed away. This is a better place to visit than it is to live, yet when you visit all the locals just wish you away. I personally got tired of the party scene and hanging out at the beach...I am ready to find a new home.



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Antonio V.

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Most of this is accurate except for the fact that the job positions wouldn't be filled. There are many local students, college and high school who don't get hired due to the fact that local businesses & corporations wait until May when all the exchange students arrive to hire them because they work for much less. Ready to move as well!



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