Low wages and high cost of living by design!

 chad penfield
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Star Rating 3/16/2007
Our elected leaders want to have their cake and eat it too. They would rather have low population than a flourishing economy. This region has massive potential! It is a great place to live and raise your family, but if your children go to college don't expect them to reside in Rapid City after graduation. They will never be able to pay off their college loans with the repressive saleries found in this area. The Rapid City education symstem right now is in pretty good shape. Don't expect it to remain that way as teacher shortages are coming. Nobody in our elected branch of government is smart enough to figure out the problems, in education ,we are going to be faced with in the years to come.



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Wyatt U.

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Why would anyone want to speed the growth of Rapid City? Yes, wages should be fair, but the Black Hills are only so big, and it would be stupid to attempt to draw more people to the area. It's growing fast enough as it is! If people are only concerned about having a high-paying job, they can leave & won't be missed. Let's keep rapid for people who prioritize living in a beautiful place above how much money they make.



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