Beware of Kalispell. Move to Missoula instead.

 Amanda Jacobs
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Star Rating 11/6/2008
I do not advise anyone to move here. If you are moving from another state you will be seen as an "outsider". My husband has been called racial slurs to his face at work by his co-workers and boss. He happens to be half caucasion and half hispanic. He quit the first job because the harassment got to be too much. There are not many opportunities for advancement employment wise here and there are also not many things for children to do. Check out city-data statistics before considering a move here. It is very pretty and there are many outdoors types of things to do here but that is about it. It is also very cold in the winter time. This is not a community for the faint of heart. I would suggest moving to Missoula instead.



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I'm sorry for your bad experience in our town. Sadly, it doesn't surprise me. I can tell you there are a lot of great people in Kalispell. I'd invite you to visit the church I attend - Christian Center (the big white church on the hill). I help out in kids ministry - ask any of the volunteers for Mark and someone will find me :) . I'll be gone the next two Sundays, but will be back the second Sunday in September. I'm sure you'll find us a welcoming, loving community. But yeah, overall, I don't know what to say other than it's true. A lot of people around here can be like that. And I'm sorry :( Missoula is a much more diverse community that's much more open to people from outside the community. It also has a lot more to do if you're not an outdoorsy type and is generally a more fun town. But all my friends and family are here, and I'm not sure I could handle leaving them...



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