Crime rate in Placitas

 Shauna Gamble
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Star Rating 5/10/2007
Can someone out there tell me why Placitas has such a high crime rate? My husand and I are thinking about moving into that area some time in the next year or so (from a "safer area" of CA). I was surprised to see the comparisons, especially to the national average. Thanks.



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McKaila A.

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Even though this post is old, I will comment for the benefit of others considering Placitas. On the geographic specific crime map, Placitas is nil for crime. Because of it's closer proximity to the ABQ metro area, the crime numbers are skewed on certain sites. Placitas is 30 minutes north of Albuquerque and a community unto itself, coming in as one of the safest areas in the country, with an Air Quality Index 'A' rating, and zero breathing alert days. Regarding the gravel 'mine'(really more of a quarry), off of I-25, the Eastern Sandoval Citizens Association defeated Fisher (also operating in Santa Fe & AZ) in their bid to operate an asphalt plant near Placitas. Although plans for the Asphalt Plant were foiled, Fisher continues to operate a sand & gravel plant near Rt.165 & I-25. Fortunately, the zoning laws already in place are protective of citizens, however, it IS New Mexico and anyone's guess what may be permitted by corrupt bureaucrats? Let's hope Sandoval County and NM state officials are impervious to corporate pay-offs and no further action against Fisher will be necessary. Placitas is a wonderful place to live, but you must take into consideration that most houses being off-grid (except for electricity) have wells, septic, and propane tanks. Water is very dicey in certain parts of Placitas (with some wells going dry & others containing contaminates) so you MUST do your homework before purchasing a house! Also, keep in mind that you will be hard-pressed to find central refrigerated air conditioning in NM, even in million $$$ homes! Don't believe the LIES you will be told that swamp coolers are wonderful and will save you money ~ total rubbish!!! They are a nightmare (do your own research on this). Residential zoning is also quite wacky in Placitas with horses running wild, various farm animals permitted, junk cars, trailers, and run down houses in certain pockets. Other areas have multi-million dollar homes. There's a huge artist community in Placitas with the annual art tour of individual studios, and also boasts one of the best restaurants in the metro area called Blades Bistro. Don't expect anyone in NM to do your homework for you (most of all NM Realtors!) MUST do it sure you write every thinkable contingency into a real estate contract and hire every inspection known to man before you purchase, otherwise, you may run into other words, don't take anyone's 'word' for anything in NM...



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