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 Karen Louden
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Star Rating 1/5/2006
I'm seriously considering relocation to Georgia, & would like more info on Valdosta from long time residents as well as anyone who has recently moved there.



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Reviews for Valdosta, Georgia

Amy Jones
Valdosta, GA
A great town to live in
I'm 19 and I've lived here for practically my entire li...
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Valdosta, GA
Something is wrong.....
I am an educated African American woman with 10 years o...
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Cindy Gorden
Valdosta, GA
Valdosta,Ga is soo RACIST. Majority of blacks don't get...
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Dan R
Valdosta, GA
It's their way or "they'll teach you" and "fix you
The Courts are wofully inept, prejudicail and incompete...
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Delores McGraw
Snellville, GA
Valdosta has always done it that way comment
Just because Valdosta has always done it that way is th...
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E. Williams
Hahira, GA
Small Town thinking in a growing town
Ever hear the phrase "that's the way we've always done ...
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