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 Christine Veator
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Star Rating 4/3/2009
We've now been here five years, moved from MA. At first it was great, the life without snow and cold. After a few years of the same weather it gets kind of boring. Christmas is just weird! I don't think I could ever get use to that. Although I would never want to deal with the harsh New England weather again, I would like a climate somewhere in between the two extremes.
Also the traffic and drivers down here are crazy, as well as the snowbirds. Not exactly a safe place to raise kids as there are 138 registered offenders within miles of my house. Some things to consider before coming.I wish I had thought of these things before we moved but it was kind of we had to move and this sounded like a great place on the computer. Of coarse every cities web page tells you how great they are. Hopefully we will find the right place for us soon!



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