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 Rhonda Warman
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Star Rating 7/29/2007
Living in a military town gives the city a wide variety of people, but not always for the good. When the military receives raises, the cost of housing, groceries, and everyday expenses raise equally with it. Unfortunately, for those who are not military, do not have the luxury of receiving these raises, but end up paying for them. A pay increase for the military only increases the profits for local businesses, such as rent, groceries, and entertainment. You can expect your rent to increase every year at a minimum of 3% at the same time raises come out for the military. For the single female trying to support themselves on a single income with a civilian job is very difficult because employers base on a family with dual incomes; example: Military person with a spouse does not need to be paid a higher wage.

Crime rate is high, higher than advertised. You can expect a shooting on a daily basis. Housing is way over priced. If you find anything under $200,000 it's in the hood. Weather and fishing is fair. Roads are in terrible condition, commuting is terrible with all the tunnels, and mass transit is non-existant. In Norfolk, you're either well off or dirt poor. There is no in between.

Do I sound disgruntled? You bet!



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