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Look, Columbus sucks. I absolutely hate this place and I wish I would have stayed here a few days before deciding to move here. The air quality is horrible and this year I have had BY FAR the worst allergy season I've ever had in my entire lifetime. To call Columbus a "real city" is a complete JOKE. This is a cowtown at best full of cliquey, standoffish, backstabbing, mean, ignorant and boring people. This is funny because you'd think it would be quite the contrary with the fact that this place somehow houses one of the top colleges in the country. My thought is that the city suffers from brain-drain in that the best and brightest individuals leave for better areas of the country. This city has some of the worst drivers I have ever seen and I've been to other major cities such as Cincinnati and Cleveland. Columbus is about as worse as it gets driving wise. The land area is just way too small to accommodate the over 730,000 plus people that live here. The sad story is that even more people are moving here by the day. Roadways are a nightmare during Rush hours and most times of the day and there is no form of a highly developed mass transit system like a rail system. Columbus only has COTA as a bus system which is honestly a joke.

The restaurant scene is horrendous. If you want to go out to eat, you have your choice between all of the typical chain restaurants. This is a travesty especially if you were used to tasty mom and pop, small business eateries etc. Nope, you won't find much of that in Columbus. In terms of entertainment, there is nothing for young people to do around here. It's extraordinarily boring. The city also has no culture whatsoever. There is nothing that defines the city or makes it stand out from the competition. Yes, there is a melting pot of diverse culture that lives here but they contribute nothing at all to this city. Most share the same agenda that I have, they just tolerate this place because this is where they work but they show no loyalty or contribution to the region.

How about land geography? Well, Columbus is a whole lot of nothingness. It looks like someone cleared out a farm and built a bunch of buildings on top of it. The terrain is extraordinarily flat and there are no interesting parks or natural wildlife areas. If you like nature, here is another reason to hate Columbus. The suburbs are your typical cookie cutter suburbs where there racial segregation and income disparities become apparent. Downtown Columbus is a joke and is dead after rush hour traffic has cleared. It also looks like trash in that it should belong to one of the smaller, more economically depressed Ohio cities like Dayton.

Speaking of economy, the economy in Columbus in my opinion is typical of what you'd see in Ohio. It's not as bad as Northeast or Northwest Ohio but it is not far off. Don't be fooled as there are no jobs here and you can really do better some place else in the country.

How is the weather? It is schizophrenic like most of the city's residents. One day it might be 80 degrees and the next 5 days it's raining with highs only in the mid to low 50's. When you wake up, the sun and warmth will smile in your face and later that day the cold will freeze your spirit. The summers get hot and muggy and the winters are long and cold even though it doesn't snow much here.

I failed to mention the wild, psychotic obsession over the OSU buckeyes but why even bother? Unless you're into OSU football, you will already have a big enough reason to feel overwhelmingly out of place here.

I know after reading all of this, you are wondering to yourself "Well, what is good about Columbus, Ohio?". To be honest, absolutely nothing and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. The place is abysmally lame and overrated. Anything that I have found tolerable about the city are traits that I could find in a city with better weather, more friendly, educated residents and a stronger, more diverse economy. I don't plan on staying here much longer and am seeking to move in a couple years. If you're reading this and deciding whether or not you should "take the plunge", step away, no..., run away from the diving board before you make a mistake you will regret. There are better options. Remember, location is everything.....



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I'm an african american female who's lived in New York City all my life (30) and was contemplating strongly about moving to Columbus this Summer. I'm not much for the high cost of living, noise, lights, traffic and fast pace of NYC. It is now 2015 and I was wondering if your views on Columbus have changed since the submission of your original post? Thanks



javier e.

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Hi John, that is some review you wrote about cbus. I just moved from the east coast a little over a year ago, new jersey to be exact. I kinda share all your points about cbus but didn't realize this after a year of living here, i live between worthington and new albany. my wife and i were thinking of buying a home, but now we don't know. I moved here for work. I must say cost of living is cheaper than jersey but then again I kinda miss the east coast. Don't know if we will go back to the east coast, but the main reason we moved here is because for work and cost of living but there's nothing to do around here. lol!!!! I guess you can't win them all. People so far have been nice, much nicer than east coasters. NJ was just getting too damn expensive and we were sick and tired of high taxes , property taxes, insurance, you name it. Dont know what the future holds for us, but this is where my job is at,and for now we need to stay put. Allergies have taken a toll on us! i feel your pain my friend. and btw I'm not into college football. lol ex-njzian



I agree with you that there are backstabbers there, and all of the bi-polar people there. The law takes up for the criminals there.



Hey jacm, I just wanted to reply to you. Wow, you are from NJ? I can't say much about NJ as I've been there before but I didn't spend a significant amount of time there to form gain reasonable impression. What I do know is that it is VERY fast paced there and I was overwhelmed. I was almost as overwhelmed as when I spent a week in Philly. You are absolutely right though, it is VERY expensive to live in NJ all around and that is not feasible in this economy. I don't blame you for moving. I of course moved here for work as well. I won't whine about the place anymore because at least I have a job but I just don't feel comfortable or safe living here. I've had someone break into my car and steal from me recently (and I live in the so called suburbs) where I at least thought I'd be safe and there are weird people stalking and acting maliciously toward my wife. Living here has just been a nightmare. This is one of the most bizarre cities I've ever lived in. I don't know what the future holds for me either but hopefully it's a one way ticket out of this place sometime soon. I wouldn't buy a home just yet. Maybe wait it out another year or so and see if you're really going to like this place. If I were going to buy a home, I would buy one in the New Albany area. Btw, if you liked NJ, you would probably love Philly. Philly reminded me of a baby version of New York City. You sound like a great guy, best of luck to you and your family in the future!



Noelle G.

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I love your comments! Columbus is a COW TOWN! It does suck here. I am looking to move. Care to have coffee? So many here are rude, mean and nasty. In the work environment, younger people have little to no respect to those older than themselves. They are back-biters (in a very sneaky, snake - like way). When driving, they either all line up like dumb sheep, in one lane, when the one next to them is COMPLETELY free (duh). They most all dress like slobs; if you are in any way fashionable, most wives are jelous and give you a dirty glare. They could frankly care less here about their appearance, and most are so FAT! The ones who are fit are obnoxious SNOBS, not down to earth at all...and so on and so forth. Oh yes, NO culture, here, obseesed with football. It's like traveling back to the time of the Gladiators in the Roman era. They say "History repeats itself!" Plus people, especially "hillbilly truckers" are ALWAYS climbing right on your tail when you drive. I lived in Washington, DC, and Cincinnati before. Both are FAR better then this little overcrowded culture-dead own. I hate it here too, John. Again, care to have coffee some time? Peace to you. Noelle.



Randy T.

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@MELODY---YOU MIGHT LIKE CBUS if you're into boring towns. Cbus is very boring. Lots of people move here from small towns and you can tell. Please, don't let anyone tell you how "cool" the short north is. It's whack. People from small towns are impressed by it. I could go on and on about this sucky of a city. I always said--if you're white and from a small town, Columbus is great



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