natures extreme reality or not

 david fosca
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Star Rating 6/4/2012
to all the newcomers and natives of less then 30 years,the definition of a desert is lack of rainfall,a high evaporation rate,a wide disparity of the daily low and high temperatures 30-40 degree spreads on average.the eastern sonoran desert is the wettest desert on earth but we are becoming like the mohave or sahara deserts, its never good when a desert is getting drier and hotter.if tucson looked in 1775 without the santa cruz and rillito rivers running the first white settlers, the spanish would have never founded tucson.thats what kept the original natives the tohono odhams here.anyone that says we have a good climate is a fool or liar,as a native since,eisenhower, was president you can be assured it is atough and brutal climate. the exact opposite of the artic tundra in winter.if you work outside you know besides water is life and 4 seasons invigorate the plant life.its a testimony that modern humanity is dumbed down to even want to move to abrutal climate.besides having serf wages and asuper high property crime rate and a huge drug addict population thanks to our corrupt goverment along with the rotten corrupt mexican goverment why would anyone consider moving to one of the stupid parts ofthe world. just anice place to visit.hopefully i will move soon.



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