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good places to live - 4/16/2007
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Does anyone have any good picks for a place to live. Looking for something for a single person, preferably near the University of Tulsa. Seems like many places have high crime rates or are really expensive. Any help would be outstanding

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Broken Arrow, OK

Pleasant points about Oklahoma - 3/18/2015

Because it's not a highly populated state, the traffic is not congested as is in many other cities. Oklahoma has great lakes and friendly people.

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West Plains, MO

missouri and oklahoma - 12/13/2014

want to compare cost of living between missouri and oklahoma

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Bethlehem, PA

jobs - 6/28/2014

Is there any good paying job

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Choctaw, OK

Great Place to Raise Kids - 8/18/2013

Oklahoma became my home back in 2009 due to my husband's job relocation (he lost his management position in Phoenix, AZ and was offered another position with the same company in OKC). While the western U.S. was experiencing a housing crash, Oklahoma's housing market remained stable (doubtless owing to the state's large production of oil and natural gas). In three short years we purchased a somewhat ostentatious home for surprisingly little money. As a preschool teacher, I am delighted to live in a state that has been called the national model for early childhood education programs. My youngest son has had an outstanding education and learned to read early. My oldest son relocated to OK shortly after I did and he found a decent job with a livable wage within a month (he only has a year of community college under his belt). The weather in Oklahoma is crazy...and that appeals to me. I was raised in Phoenix, AZ where the seasons are hot, hotter and please-kill-me-now-blazing-hot. I lived for 15 years in a suburb of Seattle, WA where the weather is beautifully mild, but uneventful. When I first moved to Oklahoma I told the locals how happy I was to finally live somewhere with four seasons. Many responded with, "Yes, and sometimes within the span of a week!" They were right! The spring tornadoes are scary, but the media coverage keeps the entire state informed. We all know exactly where the tornadoes are dropping down and when to take cover. What don't I like about Oklahoma? I guess the very thing that makes this state so family friendly: the conservatism. I'm very liberal and find the high number of Republicans disconcerting. Additionally, Oklahoma is one of the western-most parts of the bible belt. With a church on every corner and the standard farewell expressed as, "Have a blessed day!" it can be a little unnerving to the nonsectarian. Nevertheless, the locals truly are friendly and tolerate heathens like myself in their midst.

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Edmond, OK

Great place to live - 6/19/2013

Oklahoma is a lovely place to live with friendly people and a very low cost of living. Housing is reasonable compared to most states. The most "affluent" cities in the metro area being Norman and Edmond

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Oklahoma City, OK

State that has no love for their citiziens - 1/31/2013

I have lived in many states. This is by far the worst state. It lacks modernization such as transportation, insufficient and rough roads, capital building falling apart. The government only cares about children which is a tremedous burden to the taxpayers! The care for those battling cancer, or HIV is totally unheard of hear. The governor beilievs these are preventive. Well, my dear Fallin, so is pregancy, drugs, alcoholism, and yes, cancer, diabetics, and heart disease. Still yet, we give millions to feed the children; but, let those struggling to pay for medications struggle. Oh yes, we take the Federal funding for the Ryan White program and filter into welfare. Why dont you mirror after New Mexico and step into the twenty first century! I hate this state.

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Blanchard, OK

Gangs in Oklahoma - 8/22/2011

I live in a rural area outside of town. I like living where houses are not stacked on top of each other.

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Tulsa, OK

Its insane here - 7/3/2011

We have 105 degree days in summer, tornado season, rain that never stops sometimes and snow and ice that cuts off electricity for days and days on end even shutting down almost entire cities.

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Langston, OK

Getting settled - tag, driver license, and paying - 2/17/2011

I moved to Langston, Oklahoma from Central Florida in January 2011 and I must say that I love living in Oklahoma. It is a very laid back, non-rat race, easy going atmosphere, yet that can also be a challenge. 1. Driver license I had to go to Stillwater, Oklahoma to take the vision test, then I had to go to Guthrie, Oklahoma and take the paperwork I received from the Stillwater Drivers License Department to the Guthrie Tag Office. It is a 20 minute drive to Stillwater. I paid cash, because they are not situated to accept a debt or credit card. 2. Next the tag situation was challenging. I tried to pay with a credit card and it was not accepted, but I was able to use my credit card at the McDonald's next door. And I did ensure that my credit card was accepted prior to asking that it be used. 3. Buying groceries is expensive here. And from the information I received from Native Oklahoman's, there is no competition for the food market. Albertson's became Pyramid, which is located in Stillwater. For Guthrie there is Homeland and Walmart. I began doing the Coupon Mom website to use coupons to lower my food costs. You can actually use the Coupon Mom site to look for deals in your area and each time I have looked there have been no deals for Oklahoma. It is very beautiful in Oklahoma. Guthrie is 10 minutes from Langston and Oklahoma City is 40 minutes south of Guthrie. Tulsa is 1 and 1/2 hours from Langston. But for the most part these are back roads and toll roads. In order to get the PikePass you have to put $40.00 onto the account. And you must set up the account to automatically apply $40.00 when you reach a below balance of $10.00. For the most part people are friendly, but customer service is poor. I am not sure if the service is slow or there are other issues. The employees tend to take time with people they know personally, which goes from customer service to a family reunion conversation. The best place that I have been for customer service is Panera Bread. I felt that the one in Stillwater and the one in Oklahoma City each gave me astounding customer service. And the Whole Foods in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the an absolute heavenly place. Very knowledgeable people who acknowledge you as you walk in the door. I felt at home in both Paneras and in the Whole Foods. As time goes on I will provide other updates.

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Oklahoma City, OK

My State - 1/31/2011

Emphasis on education in my state, especially my district has been in a lot of chaos, disorganization, and uncertainty.

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Meeker, OK

Oklahoma City Metro area - 5/19/2010

Very friendly people. Central United States cost of living so much less than other areas. Oklahoma City is growing and becoming a wonderful place to live and visit.

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Muskogee, OK

Muskogee Ok Fort Gibson Ok - 1/13/2010

I like find someone in your state

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Farmington, AR

oklahoma point of view - 12/26/2009

the people here are o.k. not the nicest or the rudest. jobs use to be very easy to find, now they are not so easy. the culture here is o.k. But that's about it. oklahoma city and tulsa is were all the museums and nightlife is at. lots of casino's if your in to that sort of thing. hills and plains dominate the landscape here. eastern part more trees, lakes,and hills, western part more barren and flat. with some various changes in landscape throughout the state. overall it's o.k. BUT that's about it.

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Fallon, NV

Fallon, NV. - 5/8/2008

It is a farming area with many dairies. It is becoming a bedroom community for Reno, NV. due to the lower price of land.

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Edmond, OK

What a shame - 5/3/2008

I've lived in Oklahoma most of my life (air force brat). The people are wonderful here and genuinely caring. But, the state's population is grossly uneducated and the powers that be like it that way. Any economic windfall benefits a very closed 'buddy system'. The roads are absolutely pitiful. I've had 2 wheel alignments done on my car in less than six months. Now the state is vying for the Sonics basketball team. Another economic windfall that will make a few richer and create more, low paying dead end service jobs. We have to be the capital of call centers. These jobs (I worked in one)are low paying and you're treated like a commodity (numbers rule, time on the phone, etc.). I remember having to document and explain why I was away from my desk just to go to the restroom. But I digress. With all the economic potential in the works I see nothing happening for me. I have a college degree and consider myself very well read. I just can't stay here any longer. I want my daughter to know diversity, the value of an solid education and so much more than 'would you like fries with your order'. I don't know what the fix is but I'm heading west!

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Broken Arrow, OK

If you don't like the weather/climate in Oklahoma. - 2/14/2008

Oklahoma is a beautiful place to live, particularly around Oklahoma City to Tulsa area. However...Be prepared for many surprises in the weather on any given day. We experience true (all four) seasonal changes, but on a day like today, for example (14 FEB 2008): 69 for a high and tonight, 25 degrees with a bet of rain, wintry mix (rain-ice-snow) and snow to complete the day!!!

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Columbus, OH

good places to live - 4/16/2007

Does anyone have any good picks for a place to live. Looking for something for a single person, preferably near the University of Tulsa. Seems like many places have high crime rates or are really expensive. Any help would be outstanding

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Edmond, OK

Oklahoma - 7/16/2006

Even though the economy is not the greatest,the people are nice and compared to other places, it is not a bad place to live.

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Jones, OK

Educator - 6/21/2006

great schools and friendly people

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Edmond, OK

transplant from CA to OK - 3/29/2006

We moved here to Edmond, OK 2 years ago...from the mountains of CA- not too far from Yosemite.... and we are LOVING it!! OK is a wonderful place to live, with many things to do and see. Best of all,cost of housing is incredibly low. Oklahoma is one of the top places in the nation to buy investment properties right now. We are both Realtors and most of our clientele now come from CA to buy here in OKC or Edmond or the surrounding area...it has been incredible.

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