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 Dennis Halsey
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I was in the Gulf Coast (South Coastal Mississippi) in 1976, and am back now
since 2006. There truly isn't much changed, outside of more large casino's. I cannot figure out why the cost of living is so high, it's outragious compared to the realities of living here, services and offerings. Housing cost is outragious compared to wages, jobs and labor conditions are 20-30 years behind times (workers have no rights). Businesses down here are in "LALA Land", as far as prices for goods, services, vehicles and housing go's. NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED SINCE I BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE HERE IN 1976, while in the USN. In November 2010, housing, food, utilities, electric, gas, basic living items are outragiously priced. Currently there is over 500 empty houses setting in just Jackson county alone. Yet realitors are still trying to sell at near "pre recession prices", the same with car dealers, mortgages companies, banks and businesses, "Its like ignore it, it will go away". Politics down here are ALL the "bubba system". Just think, if Haley
Barbour (Miss Governor), really did get elected, or even run for the presidency (He's talking about it and campaigning). The class structure is so wide that, most of the USA citizens, would be ashamed of themselves, speaking of "upper class-rich, and lower class working poor-poverty ratio's". You notice there is not alot of ACCURATE information reported by the state or local governments. This state is rated dead last in all catagory's Worst education, Most Poverty, Lowest Income, No real services to residents, Worst healthcare, Most without healthcare, Highest healthcare cost, lowest longivity rate in age, higher state/local taxes than other southern states etc... Where does all the money go, residents ask, all the time. People are leaving the coast at 11-15% yearly, they are not coming back. I cannot understand why the politicans have not been thrown/voted out of office, and the US Government has not did a full scale investigation of the state, and most local governments. Just after Katrina, Mississippi could not account for over 500 Million dollars+ it received for Katrina aid. During this period Jackson, Mississippi built a new Government Center, Court House and Jail (well over 350 million), while the coast got the "crums". The most dishonest, covertly racist, economically divide state in the USA. Why am I here you may ask, I have a job, living week to week, and the recession has taken a heavy toll on me and my family. I am s



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The reason rent and housing is so high... the cost of living for that matter is due in part by Katrina... In many cases insurances have quadrupled and in many case more. I use to pay $500 dollars a year for insurance on my place it is now just under $4000. Landlords have had to make up for this outrageous increase. Every building on the coast has had to compensate for increase in one way or another. You can not absorb these cost and have to pass them on. You have these costs plus the costs that were not covered by insurances... lost business, just any number of things... The recession... local, state, and federal increases are all added on. I will admit that wages in Mississippi are low, but that is the way it goes. If you can't not live here it is time to move on... really you only have two choices.



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Politicans, Businesses, Healthcare, Working Condit
I was in the Gulf Coast (South Coastal Mississippi) in ...
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