Last one out of Syracuse,turn out the Lights

 steven Malone
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Star Rating 8/4/2011
My entire family and I have lived in Syracuse all our lives . I am still here ONLY because it lends me the ability to spend time with my nieces and my extended family . I am fortunate enough to own my small but successful festival vending business which does 100% of its sales OUTSIDE of the over taxed ,pathetic basket case economy of Syracuse & new York State. My friends and I always refer to living in Syracuse,NY as living in SEWERCUSE. Living here is like living in the gutter . Most of the city is a crime ridden Ghetto with no job opportunities to be had regardless of your level of schooling... I own a 2 family house here bought a few years ago for $38,000....Thats right folks ! $38 grand gets you a house that will never go up in price..For this the City of Sewercuse and the rats that run it charge me $4100 per year in property taxes ! I gave up trying to rent the upstairs apartment after getting nearly killed by my crack head tenants who like many other welfare recipients was getting $1800 per month to sit home and do nothing(with my tax money).....but thats Sewercuse for you,as the only jobs here are working crap wages for the state or exercising those legs to walk in and get a check from the welfare office in a Downtown.....which I should add is absolutely vacant (warren street)...Yeah,they all moved away and the main drag downtown is all boarded up.....I remember when I was a kid how beautiful it once was 30 years ago . But that was before they moved all the jobs & economy to china and mexico. There really is NOTHING to do here except get drunk,watch TV and wait to die....slowly of boredom and poverty. I will be leaving next spring for a new home in texas and just about everybody I know has told me they wish they could escape this rat hole with me. After 42 years ,I have had it with this dead end town that's lost it all long ago . Texas,here I come and the following year my family may follow me.......All I can say is don't come here unless you enjoy ,long freezing winters,high crime, boredom and the deadened rust belt - pipe dream that Syracuse has become ...Last one out of this toilet,turn out the lights !



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