Should I go home

 John Acedillo
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Star Rating 10/29/2011
I was raised in Hawaii, Kalihi valley. I left Hawaii at a very young age to live with my father in California I did not return to Hawaii until I was 26 years old, It was a bit of a shock as I believe it would be for anyone returning home after many years things just change. I found that not only my siblings changed (of Course) I had not seen them in years or had any communication with them, the biggest change for me was that my island was no longer the paradise I remembered. Most, if not all of my childhood friends were dead or in prison most because of drug addition and or drug related crimes. and the feeling of family was just gone! No one seemed to care about each other anymore. Needless to say my I was not home for long. Here I am 30 years later at a turning point in my life yearning for the peace of mind and soul one can only get from home the safest place in the world, and I am having the worst internal battle of my life. I fear I cant go home because I cant afford to live in Hawaii my home, the only home I have ever known! No jobs, housing cost are crazy high I cant afford to feed myself or family and our so called elected officials care more about the dollar then the people who elected them to care for them and the interest of the quality of life of the people of Hawaii. Don't believe the hype paradise is gone.



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