someone was not so happy living out in Indianapoli

 Linda Kenny
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There is nothing to do people do not have a lot of money, drunks try for young women from college. Does not sound all that great.
I thought to let them know to go to church. Have a cook out having one whole street of pople that live there bring somehting to the cook out. Winter time make a snow man the best snow man that persons wins and the other have to clean out the winners drive way of sown for the rest of the winter. Play cards at each other houses the winner get to tell the ones who lost what to do. This can be for fun the winner tells the other some thing funny to do or can be doing something that the winner does not likes to do so the other can do for that winner. Church stuff is good. Think of it with way when you have a fight with someone and say some thing you shuold not have said at all. You don't feel like you did something great. You feel not so good. When you help someone out in some way you feel good about your self. Well that is your thank you. Goinng to church makes me feel good and it will help others out as it has in the past. The people that wrote on this site there is no art. Well get the women to make some blanks they can look it up on a computer on how and the men mske some wood work or something that they can look up. Sell it, show it off do something with it. People do not like to go for walks out there. Well some people think walking is borning. Have a swimming contest in the summer time and in the winter time have a sled race of some kind. Make life fun for you and that will help you feel better. If will help people change on what they are like from one thing doing nothing not trying to get any where to start by doing stuff. Eating right and being active is healthy then people can think healther too.
I wish you all the luck out there. The person was not so happy with Indianapolis and the drunks going after young woman. Men and woman just working at a gass station not trying to go any where from that. All just making it seam like a dead end. Well get active with the people in the city of Indianapolis and lots of luck.



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