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 Richard Williams
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Hi there,
I couldn't resist saying something after having lived here for 3 1/2 years. I moved from Manhattan, N.Y.
I have been sober in A.A. for 18 years. I keep looking for a meeting that doesn't have just poor people in it, only for the reason that it's not the poverty but the lack of social instincts that seem to go along with that! Can't even park my Porsche without someone simply opening their door on it simply because they never saw one and doesn't even have a clue it's an expensive car! I keep looking for some meeting that doesn't have the usual colledge kids believing (I have arrived) with no knowledge whatsoever, or the usual family that has 8 kids with only 20,000.00 a year!

Remember, it's not the money, since I know of no worse than really wealthy people that are more self centered than poor people, it's just that usually when a family has money to raise the kids they learn not to open the car door on to the car next to theirs! Let's face it, if the only reason a car is had is for transportation to the grocery store, and the car is usually a '91 chevy pick up, then there is no reason to teach the kids, or the parents for that matter, that they should take care of their things and try to not damage other peoples things either. At least I learned that when I was young and thought everyone knew it... Self centered myself there!

There are some really nice personal people in savannah. it's true. it's just that everyone is so used to genial poverty that no one makes any comments and simply let's it go. So as long as you've got a cheap old car then you're all set. C'mon down, and stay awhile. If you drink alot it's even more acceptable!

Heck, I went out friday to a gas station and almost go hit by a drunk in the gas line! The cops all know it and don't even bother. They simply give tickets to people who can pay them for speeding over the 35mph limit to make money for the city!

Good luck!





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