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"Not a nice place to live"

Not a nice place to live - 8/24/2009
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Janesville is not diverse. They are also not welcoming and open to those of other culture, education and income levels. This is a very close minded city. I would not want my child to attend school here. They people and schools of this city are not open to the views and cultures of the world around them. Parts of this city are racist and discriminatory. The poverty levels are very apparent through out the entire city. Also, being from the city, I do not appreciate the farm smells you experience from the surrounding town's farms. The only benefit that comes of all of this is that the housings costs are low.

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re: Not a nice place to live - 8/24/2009 - 12/6/2009
I realy not quite sure what rock you just crawled out from under, but Janesville has just gone through a very hard economic crunch (with the closing of many businesses: General Motors, Lear, Gilman, and many others) that will take the city a while to recover from. Yes, the housing costs are cheap! As for culture and diversity, no one has ever claimed that it has been overly diverse. What Janesville does provie is a safer enviroment than most cities, where murder and mayhem out number the amount of crimes compared to what is seen here in Janesville. Public schools provide a very good education and a chance at a good future. If diversity is the only thing that is important, then by all means move to Madison, Milwaukee, or Chicago. I am sure you will find all the diversity and culture you can handle along with a few extra not so nice things thrown in for free.

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re: Not a nice place to live - 8/24/2009 - 11/25/2010
Janesville is the worst place i have ever lived before in my life jane you are a prime example of just how un diverse this place is maybe GM left because you guys don't have enough diversity and culture cause you are not nice to outsiders, and you sure are prejudice, you only pretend to be nice to strangers to check them out, I am sad for janesville because your town is just withering away and drying up no one can invest in janesville cause y'all just too darn prejudice. This ain't Beverly hills you know, cause even the people in Beverly Hills california are nicer than you and they have more.

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