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Star Rating 7/21/2009
I highly recommend not moving to Richmond, VA.

The Public Schools suck--an 80 is not a "B", its a "C+",
SUSPENSION 4 every little thing-laughing, talking. What ever happened 2 detention "FIRST"!!

My 14yr old son-could drive better than these poeple. CONSTANTLY riding your bumper in a HURRY 2 get no where!!

Northern's dont b fooled-the cost of living aint that much cheaper. The beautiful suburn homes in the nice neighborhoods that youre use 2 still would cost $300k or more!

WHAT southern hospitally-poeple r just as rude & angry as they think NYERS r.

Only certain areas has public transportation.

The Police SHOULD spend MORE time on the gang voilence than "HARASSING" common folk 4 sitting out on thier front stoop, or having a "4TH OF JULY BARBEQUE"!!



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