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re: Visit but Dont Move here PLEASE! - 7/14/2005 - 8/23/2009
Well unfortunately people who came there in the 70's cant live forever so some sort of generation must inherit the town, would you rather it be concerned college kids or those rich so cal types you mentioned?

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re: Visit but Dont Move here PLEASE! - 7/14/2005 - 2/5/2012
That seems awfully selfish.

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re: Visit but Dont Move here PLEASE! - 7/14/2005 - 6/24/2015
We would like you to come, visist, and soak up some culture...... you sound like a loser and the type of inhabitant the city would like to see move away. I'd like to smack your face you burn out. Your lucky your not saying this to my face.

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re: Visit but Dont Move here PLEASE! - 7/14/2005 - 10/8/2008
Yes, it's sad but true. The new Walmart coming in Eureka, the Target already there. Plaza is turning into a strip mall, police are pushing around anyone who is not buying something or look like a tourist. Didn't you ever wish a place would stay how you remembered it was. Better than it is now? Arcata is that place. It needs to be preserved but greed is always first on the list in the downfall of most small towns. When everyone is broke the big box retails will pull out and things will (hopefully) return to the way they were. Recommended reading: Children's Book "The Wump World"

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Sherman Oaks, CA

re: - 11/28/2009

Hi. I'd like to know if you still feel the same way about living in Broomfield. I went there this past July to check it out (along with Lafayette, Boulder (can't afford) and Louisville). I'm leaving Los Angeles in the summer of 2010. I'm a divorced mom with 2 younger kids (5 and 7) and would like to hear what you're thinking now. Thanks.

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NC For Me
Apex, NC

re: - 4/2/2009

Apex is perfect for what you are looking for. It's close enough to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill to find a job and Cary the next town over, is a little more expensive but they have everything you would need, parks, bowling, and skating. If you are looking for a good school system, stay in Wake/Durham/Orange county. CHeck out Greatschools.net for help. Clubbing and restaurants in downtown (both Ral & Dur) only 15 minutes away. Right now jobs are tough everywhere but I am sure you can find something

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