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 Nicole Lawrence
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Star Rating 11/9/2006
I lived in Coos Bay for 1 year and ended up leaving because I was miserable there. Coos Bay is considered a paradise to some and a rat hole to others. It really depends on who you ask and where they're originally from. I have lived in several big cities, so Coos Bay felt very country bumpkin-like to me. Most of the people who live there are uneducated and poor. It claims to be a tourist attraction, but it seems to me like it never quite made it to that status. There are miles of beautiful bay front that are not being used and blocked by old machinery and crumbling docks. The main attraction on the bay front is the casino, which recently decided to block more bay front with an RV park. There are many negatives to Coos Bay, but I do have to say that now that I've left, I do miss the isolation of it. It was a more easygoing place to live. No traffic, friendly people, lazy weekends. It definitely has some pros, but the cons tend to outweigh those, especially if you are trying to raise a family there.



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