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 Tracie Farina
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Star Rating 5/22/2007
I really don't want to put a place down however, I have no love for this city. I am from NJ and have lived in Colorado,California and up in New York. I have never been so depressed living somewhere. A lot of people here seem like they can't get it together. The schools are really bad and the gangs have become an issue. I refuse to raise my children here. The cost of living is manageable but I do not care. I am leaving my dream job that I worked so hard to obtain next week in order to live somewhere palatable.Good luck if you decide to live in Alentown.



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Wow! never thought I could hear anything like that. I lived in Allentown (Fogesville area) from 1997 to 2001 and absolutely loved it. Actually, Parkland school district is one of the best on East coast, so not sure what the story with the schools, etc. Yes, if you like night life, clubs, etc. Allentown area could be boring for you. For me it was a really great and quite place to live, to go to college, to spend time with friends.



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