"Rude Island" Worst Place I Have EVER Lived

 Kelly Brazina
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Star Rating 6/21/2010
I moved here with my husband and two children a few years ago because my extended family resides here. Since I cant get them to see what life is like in the rest of the world I will probably live here for quite some time, reluctantly. The people are extremely rude. Inhabited by rich snobs and the bitter "lower-class" that are under their feet.

There is beauty in some of the nature when it comes to this state and unfortunatly, if it werent for these aweful people you come in contact with this could be a serene place to live.

Everything is OVER PRICED. The theme is, pay through the nose for mediocrity or worse, because everyone is either struggling or greedy. This applies to all goods. Things have not changed since the days of the rich vs the poor here. Yes here in RI you are not inbetween, you are either rich or poor because every chance the state gets, and each town within, they it drains your earnings to stuff their pockets. This is also the reason why you will see goods and entertainment are so expesive here. Most families here live check to check or off of credit.

I have lived all over the world and I know what it is like outside the walls of RI and I know that there are better and friendlier places to live> ANYWHERE BUT HERE

PS: I chose to live in Portsmouth because it is the best of the worst and the scenery sometimes makes me feel like I'm not in Rhode Island anymore.



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Debbie B.

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Give me a break! My husband and I left Rhode island 10this years ago and it was the biggest mistake we ever made. I miss everything about Rhode island. Try living in the state of Florida where it is hot year round. I have been trying to get home permanently for 10 years now. Unfortunately the job market is tough there. I miss the food. The friendly people. The change of seasons and the beautiful Atlantic ocean.



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