Great city, bad metro area...

Star Rating 4/27/2007
I lived in Maumee for roughly eight years, and I must say it's overall a great community despite it's proximity to Toledo. A fairly affordable place to the middle class (which in unfortunately depleting in high rates in the Toledo area) with good perks such as low crime, a great school system, and has a lot of programs designed to enhance the city as very community oriented (although many of the 14,000-15,000 citizens decline to participate). It also appeases to the upper class as well features many great homes and properties plus many high paying jobs in the city and immediate areas. City leaders are always attracting new developments which help keep the cost of living low and downtown Toledo is just a 10 minute drive. The city utilizes it's proximity to the interstate system as a great business and industrial catalyst to keep taxes low and city services above average and very efficient. It's proximity to the Maumee River is a great recreational asset. If only Toledo had more going on... Maumee would be a great place to live for it's quality of life, affordability and accessability.



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Alex Piehl
Pittsburgh, PA
Great city, bad metro area...
I lived in Maumee for roughly eight years, and I must s...
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