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 Dave Everett
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Star Rating 4/4/2007
I wanted to give Appleton a proper thank you after reading someone elses negative post to this site. My family and I really like living here in Appleton. We moved here in 2004 and there is so much to be grateful for.
We have lived in New England, Southern California and South Texas. I have personally lived in other parts of the country including Illinois, Michigan, Florida and Washington state.
I used Sperling's three years ago to research many different cities before deciding to come to Appleton. The overall comparison and favorable demographics are why I came to Wisconsin. I am not a sportsman, a drunk or a rude driver.
I have found that Wisconsin and Appleton have much to offer beyond hunting, the Green Bay Packers and a sometimes short summer season. Although I am not a native of the state, my roots are midwestern (Michigan, sorry Badger fans) and I have found that this seems the most like home for my family and I.
People have been extremely friendly, we have great neighbors, excellent schools, low crime and relatively free-flowing and uncongested traffic.
The primary drawback I have found is simply what we already all know, taxes are high here. My counter to that is to go ahead and try out Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago or San Diego for a year. When that year is over, I believe you will find that Appleton is a pretty good place to raise a family.



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